12 FAQs About Rose Gold: Value, History, Strength, and More

Always romantic and beautifully unique, the blush hue of rose gold delivers a timeless elegance to any backdrop, whether formal or casual. Rose gold jewelry has had a phenomenal increase in popularity over the past few years. If you are looking to add something different and pink to your collection, this precious combination of alloys is the right choice.


Important Facts About Rose Gold

Here is everything you should know about rose gold jewelry.


What Is Rose Gold?

Pure gold combined with alloys such as copper and silver produces rose gold. While pure gold is highly valuable on its own, most jewelers consider it too soft to use alone in jewelry making. To improve its strength and resilience, metalworkers combine gold with other alloys. In the case of rose gold, copper is the perfect pairing that produces the delicate pink tone beloved by all.


Origin and History of Rose Gold

Rose gold first appeared in 19th-century Russia, when Carl Fabergé, the famous jeweler behind Fabergé Eggs, incorporated rose gold in his elaborate creations. Through the years, the unique and attractive color of rose gold became prized around the world, allowing the precious alloy to find further fame in fine jewelry in the 1920s, especially in the United States where engagement rings with blush-hued bands became predominantly popular.


Is Rose Gold Real Gold?

While rose gold is a combination of gold and other alloys, it is considered real gold. You can determine how much gold content a piece of rose gold jewelry has by examining the karat amount within it. For example, a piece of 18K rose gold jewelry should contain up to 75 percent genuine gold within it. Before you make a purchase, ask the jeweler about your desired piece’s gold percentage.


What Makes Rose Gold Special?

Rose gold complements all skin tones and is suitable for all kinds of jewelry – from bracelets and necklaces to rings and earrings. The blush shade ranges from a subtle pink champagne to a more dominant red-copper color, making rose gold highly customizable.


Is Rose Gold Valuable?

Genuine rose gold jewelry is as valuable as white and yellow gold pieces. The price ultimately depends on the karat value of the gold within a rose gold piece. 

The color of rose gold jewelry also depends on the ratio of pure yellow gold used in comparison to the amount of copper within it. The more copper a piece contains, the more red-tinged or rose color it will have, which typically has a lower price compared to rose gold jewelry with higher gold content. For instance, 14K rose gold will have a deeper red color compared to an 18K rose gold piece. 18K rose gold pieces will command higher prices than 14K gold jewelry due to the differing ratios of gold within them.


Is Rose Gold Less Valuable Than Yellow Gold?

The unique hue of rose gold may lead some people to assume that it’s worth less than the vivid, yellow color of pure gold. This is a common misconception since, as mentioned, the amount of gold within each piece is what drives prices. In general, rose gold shares the same market value as yellow and white gold, although some pieces may have higher price tags due to the additional processes necessary to produce rose gold.


Does Rose Gold Tarnish?

Real rose gold jewelry does not tarnish or fade over time. Instead, because of its copper content, rose gold is more likely to develop a darker, more red-toned appearance over years of constant wear. Aged rose gold achieves a vintage look, which many people love since it gives their jewelry a sense of timelessness.


Is Rose Gold Durable?

As mentioned earlier, gold is a soft metal. Alloys such as silver and copper make rose gold strong enough for jewelry creation. Copper, specifically, is a highly durable material with multiple uses. From electrical equipment to roofing, plumbing, and other construction projects, copper is one of the most commonly used metals in the world because of its resilience.


How to Clean and Maintain Rose Gold Jewelry

Avoid abrasive fabrics and chemical solutions when cleaning rose gold pieces, as they can leave scratches, compromise the shine or luster of your jewelry, or react with the other alloys used to create rose gold. To clean, simply soak your rose gold jewelry in a solution combining mild soap and water for a few minutes before wiping it with a soft cloth. You can also use a soft-bristled toothbrush to remove stubborn dirt and debris.


Is Rose Gold Still In Style?

Rose gold jewelry remains as popular as ever, as some of the best-selling pieces from Tiffany’s, Cartier, and other luxury jewelry brands feature this pink-toned beauty. Rose gold pieces carry on as classy, perennial accessories that stand on their own against trends.


How Can You Tell If Rose Gold Is Real?

To determine whether your rose gold jewelry is authentic, you will need to check its hallmarks or the karat amount within it. Any gold jewelry should have the letter K (whether capitalized or not) engraved alongside a specific number. 18K rose gold will have the 18K hallmark, while 24K gold will have the 24K hallmark. Typically, the markings are on the clasp of necklaces and bracelets or the inner band of rings. For earrings, the hallmarks are usually on one or both of the backings.

Keep in mind, however, that these small details are easy to replicate, meaning fake gold jewelry can have hallmarks, too. Furthermore, antique jewelry may not have any markings at all. If you own unauthenticated rose gold pieces, it’s best to bring them to an expert jewelry appraiser near you.


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