17 Most Popular Types of Earrings and Backings

Whether it’s chic diamond studs or eye-catching gold hoops, earrings are a must-have piece of jewelry, making you look put together without seeming overdone. From classic earring styles to more modern pieces such as ear climbers and huggers, here are the common types of earrings and earring backs that can add charm to your appearance.

  1. Stud Earrings

Perhaps the most popular earring type, studs are usually on the small side and sit snugly on top of your earlobe without dropping downward, climbing upward, or looping backward. Featuring a simple design in most cases, stud earrings are not only comfortable, but they also compliment any outfit. Diamond studs and pearl earrings, to be specific, are staples in any collection and are two of the most sought-after and timeless styles of earrings.

  1. Cluster Earrings

Cluster earrings, which feature many of the same or different precious stones to form a “cluster” of gems, sit tightly on top of your earlobe. These decorative pairs of earrings usually come in the style of studs or have a slight drop.

  1. Drop Earrings

If you’re searching for a simple pair of earrings that still have some length and pizzaz to them, drop earrings are perfect for you. These pieces hang down elegantly below your earlobe and are often stationary, almost like an extended stud earring.

  1. Dangle Earrings

Similar to drop earrings, these self-explanatory earrings also hang or dangle down the earlobe. Compared to standard drop earrings, these typically have more intricate designs and have more movement to them.

  1. Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings, as you might already know, take the form of hoops, looping from the front of your earlobe to the back. Although most of these earrings are round, they are also available in varying shapes, including squares, ovals, hearts, and triangles in sizes small to large.

Small hoop earrings achieve an understated look while larger hoops create a more dramatic and flamboyant effect. For the ultimate glam look, choose a pair of diamond hoops.

  1. Huggie Earrings

Huggie earrings, also called ear huggers, wrap either snuggly or a bit loosely around the earlobe. These mini versions of hoop earrings are the ideal accessory for women and men who want the look of hoops without the risk of them snagging onto clothing and tugging the earlobes.

  1. Jacket Earrings

The front of a jacket earring has a latch or stone, which holds the earring in place while the main part of the piece sits behind your ear. This modern earring style hangs down behind your earlobe to provide a fun and unique look.

  1. Chandelier Earrings

Chandelier earrings are a form of dangle earrings with a design that mimics an antique crystal chandelier. These earrings are the epitome of elegance, femininity, and wealth. Being one of the most luxurious of all the earring styles, only the richest and most sophisticated women, such as members of royal families, A-list celebrities, and affluent business people, have at least one pair in their collection.

  1. Threader Earrings

Highlighting the age of contemporary and minimalist style, threader earrings have a thin piece of metal that you insert or thread through your piercing, hanging on both sides of your earlobe as a result.

  1. Ear Climbers

Instead of dangling downward, these chic and trendy earrings begin at the base of your earlobe (where your normal piercing is) and climb upward.

  1. Mismatched Earrings

Mismatched earrings are growing more and more popular in recent years. Wearing unexpected earring combinations, such as a classic and simple gold stud in one ear and a geometric design adorned with sapphires or emeralds on the other, is the height of fashion. If you have more than two piercings, the more you can experiment and have fun with this trend.

  1. Clip-On Earrings

Clip-on earrings are primarily for people who do not have earlobe piercings, although those with piercings can still clip them on. These accessories are an excellent option for larger and heavier earrings to prevent stretching and damaging the earlobes due to prolonged use of heavy pierced earrings or due to accidental tugging. However, you can turn almost any earring into a clip-on with an earring converter.

Earring Back Types

Ensure your favorite ear accessories stay in place with these earring backs.

  1. Post Backs

Post back earrings, also referred to as push back or butterfly back, is the most common type of earring backing. From studs and hoops to huggies and danglers, these are the go-to backings that prevent ear accessories from falling off and going missing. There are a number of different options when it comes to post back earrings, including lock backs and screw backs.

  1. Hinge Backs

These backings feature a hinged post that snaps onto a groove at the back of each earring. Also called a saddleback or hinged snapback, these earring backings are most commonly paired with hoops and huggie earrings. Perhaps the most secure type of earring back, once you hear a click or snap, you know your earrings aren’t going anywhere.

  1. Lever Backs

Lever backs or latch backs are another type of earring back often paired alongside earrings with a drop or dangle design. The thin wire enters the piercing and clasps with the earring backing to create a loop.

  1. Shepherd Hook Backs

A shepherd hook features a thin wire that loops through the piercing and hangs on the backside of the earlobe. Because of its long hook-like design, this backing does not require an additional piece of metal (or rubber) to secure an earring in place.

  1. Clip-On Backs

As mentioned, earrings with a clip-on back are great for people who have or do not have pierced ears. Clip-on backings clasp or close gently to the earlobe to hold the earring in place.

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