21st to 60th Wedding Anniversary Gemstones

Celebrate your relationship milestones with a timeless reminder: gemstones and jewelry that demonstrate the virtue and love which have kept you together all these years. Shine brighter than ever as you mark yet another wedding anniversary.

As mentioned in our 1st to 10th Wedding Anniversary Gemstone List and 11th to 21st Wedding Anniversary Gemstone Guide, there are no right or wrong ways to honor your anniversaries, and there is no single authoritative source on this subject. Regardless, we understand that shopping for the perfect present can leave you scratching your head, so we’ve gone above and beyond to ensure you give your spouse something truly unforgettable.

For your 21st to 60th wedding anniversaries, leave a lasting impression with these extraordinary gemstones.


Iolite: 21st Wedding Anniversary Gemstone

After 21 years together, it’s clear that you and your spouse have shared wonderful experiences and memories. What better way to celebrate your companionship than with iolite? Its pleochroic quality is unlike any other. Its distinct colors shift from blue-violet to pale yellow and sometimes colorless. As an alternative to something as unique as sapphire and tanzanite, many couples choose this gemstone because of its relatively affordable price and alluring beauty.

An iolite’s ethereal blues have captivated people since ancient times, when Vikings used it as a compass to make sea explorations less difficult on cloudy days. Today, if you and your husband or wife experience hardships, an iolite may guide you back into each other’s arms.


Silver Jubilee: 25th Wedding Anniversary Gift

Happy silver anniversary! From buying your first house together to watching your children grow up and begin their own lives, it all seems to have happened instantly. Now, it’s time to honor the memories you’ve created with something special – silver jewelry. Silver is always a classic choice, but you could also opt for white gold or platinum. Setting brilliant mother-of-pearls into your chosen metal can also add a silvery iridescence, evoking feelings of tenderness and love.

Do you need help choosing the best white metal for jewelry? Check out Silver, White Gold, and Platinum: Easy Ways to Tell the Difference


Cultured Pearl: 30th Anniversary Gemstone

Your marriage has blossomed from youthful affection into an enduring love that radiates with resplendent beauty. Aged and distinguished, your union deserves a fitting tribute: cultured pearls (understand the difference between natural and cultured pearls). South Sea, Tahitian, Akoya, or freshwater pearls all add the perfect touch of finesse to commemorate this wondrous milestone. If you two had a June wedding 30 years ago, excellent news – it also happens to be this month’s “birthstone.”


Emerald: 35th Wedding Anniversary

For centuries, emeralds have captivated kings, queens, emperors, and other authoritative figures worldwide. Legends such as the Crown of the Virgin of the Immaculate Conception tell tales of its timeless beauty, while sunken treasures like the Nuestra Señora de Atocha – which carried 70 pounds of Colombian emeralds – inspired pirates to search endlessly for the shipwreck. So mark your 35th wedding anniversary with emerald jewelry that mirrors your spouse’s beauty and your ceaseless longing for their affection.


Ruby: 40th Anniversary Gemstone

Fortunate are those whose flame continues to burn bright and strong after 40 years of marriage. The perfect way to celebrate this milestone is with the gift of an exquisite gemstone, and what better symbol than nature’s own fiery beauty? Ruby symbolizes love and passion, making it an ideal choice for such a significant milestone.


Sapphire: 45th Wedding Anniversary Gift

Few people experience the rarity and beauty of a 45-year-long commitment. Like your one-in-a-million bond, so too is an asterism, which is an enchanting six-ray star pattern found on sapphires due to needle-like inclusions reflecting light. Some believe that blue sapphires reveal a couple’s innermost feelings, as the gem loses its blue hue when the wearer’s affections wane. Read our sapphire tell-all and color guide for more information on this spellbinding stone.


Golden Jubilee: 50th Anniversary

Do you remember the piece of gold jewelry that you gave your beloved on your first wedding anniversary? Remind your spouse that your love is as pure and genuine even following 50 years of marriage by giving them the timeless and protective power of gold. As one of humankind’s oldest treasures, giving your beloved gold insinuates that your marriage is valuable in itself.


Alexandrite: 55th Anniversary

Alexandrite is a rare gemstone often referred to as an “emerald by day and ruby by night” for its stunning color-change properties, which is as unique as your 55th wedding anniversary. The name “Alexandrite” honors Czar Alexander II, who liberated Russia’s serfs from oppression. Wear or give this remarkable jewel to symbolize unrestrained love, especially if your history involves familial conflicts, forbidden love, immense hardships to reach this pinnacle moment in your union, and the like.


Diamonds for Your 60th: The Ultimate Wedding Anniversary Gemstone

Like a diamond forged in the heat and pressure deep within the earth, so too, has your marriage been shaped by its own special conditions. Over time, it gained strength like a precious stone, until it gradually rose up to be admired as one of life’s most beautiful sights. Though aspects may have changed through the decades, this symbol of love remains unaltered, just like that sparkling diamond you exchanged on your wedding day all those years ago.

Let the 4Cs remind you how far you’ve come together: cut for commitment, clarity for consistency through hard times, carat weight representing pureness of heart, and color signifying happiness throughout eternity. Then, why not show off these traits with an extravagant colored stone? From rare pink diamonds to chocolate gems, commemorate your 60th wedding anniversary with these unchanging symbols of adoration and commitment.


From Us to You

Congratulations to all the couples who have reached amazing anniversaries! Achieving 20, 30, 40, 50, and especially 60 years of marriage is a true feat in an age where divorces are becoming more common. Go and celebrate your milestones with gemstones or simple yet heartfelt confessions from the heart. We wish you many blessed years together ahead!


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