Recap: From Crystals to Coins, Biltmore Loan Accepts Them!

Host: If you’re cleaning house and you’ve got some items you just don’t need, maybe you don’t want it anymore and think “you know what, I think, you can get some money for them.” This is David Goldstein from Biltmore Loan and Jewelry and today we’re talking about items from crystal to coins. It’s so good to see you.

David: Thanks

Host: And you have some fabulous crystal here. Tiffany, which is top of the line, tell me a little bit about this story behind.

Recap: From Crystals to Coins, Biltmore Loan accepts them!

David: It’s really is you know, we do this week after week and really is a story I mean this is a woman Cara who I told her I would say hello to her on T.V today so..

Host: Hi Cara

David: And she had, her mom had accumulated all types of crystal and knick-knacks and all types of items. I took today a small sample of some Tiffany and Lalique crystal here to show you. This whole collection was about three thousand dollars worth of crystal that we bought from her and the interesting thing is that we look at these flutes it still has the tag and the original box. This was probably given, and I was talking early with somebody about it, about as a wedding gift, 50 years ago and they said in the box the stickers never came off of them. They were never used.

Host: It still here yeah.

David: This is not an unusual situation because people have many of this knick knacks that they accumulate over the years and then they get to a non-clutter phase. We’re now simplifying our lives. This is the daughter who called me and said “my mom is not so capable of moving all the stuff. Could you come and look our state?” and she had all types of different products. This took about maybe 2 and a half hours total. You don’t need credit, you have a reputable person coming into your home and an expert. We don’t send a person out that is a buyer.

Host: Right

David: (continue speaking) who walks in and said “this is worth this”. We actually have a buyer and an expert in each area, so that’s what really what we bring, our expertise.

Host: And that’s wonderful because a lot of people may be sitting, going ..well I have artwork, do you have someone who just you know, who is expert in artwork and of course you do.

David: You know the fascinating is artwork, is there’s our expert but are experts in each department of art. You can’t be an art expert in everything. So that’s we really what we try to do, is do a research for you, get the information for you and make it very simple.

Host: And this situation this is again, Cara that’s her name right?

David: Yes

Host: She perhaps doesn’t want crystal in her life. Her mother owned it and she’s not gonna use it.

David: This was the unclutter phase

Host: Yeah

David: We talked about sterling flatware. How often you really gonna clean your silver to eat today? So there a lot of these things that lifestyle changes and people are now liquidating and trying to get rid of this. What we do is, offer them a place where they can be done dignified, professionally, and get a real value.

Host: And some people come to you and who maybe have a medical issue and they need cash for surgery. And this case maybe Cara can take her mom in great cruise or something you know.

David: There’s so many reason

Host: And enjoy the benefits being with her mom.

David: Yes, you’re right.

Host: Well there’s so many reason as David said and if you are one of those people who’s out there and say i have some stuff, I wanna know what is worth. Take a photo email that photo to [email protected] or give them a call, their Scottsdale location its 480 991 LOAN or you can call their brand new location in Chandler. Congratulations!

David: Thank you!

Host: 480 705 LOAN. You can also visit their website, they’re big in Social Media as well on the you’ve got more item coming up Thank’s David.