The New “It” Bangle: Is the Tiffany Lock the Next Cartier Love?

Cartier Love Bangle 18K Rose Gold - Sz. 16

The Cartier Love bracelet, known for its screw motif and locking mechanism, has been a staple since 1969 and an “It” bangle since the early 2000s. Popular among celebrities, influencers, and fashion enthusiasts, anyone who’s anybody has one or more of these bracelets on their wrists.

More recently, Tiffany & Co. introduced the Tiffany Lock bangle. Its functional lock mechanism and padlock-inspired design quickly turned heads, especially among the rich and famous. The juicy question is, can the Tiffany Lock bangle rival the Cartier Love bracelet’s iconic status? Let’s find out.

The focus of this article is the Tiffany Lock bangle and how it compares to Cartier Love. If this is your first time hearing about the latter, learn everything there is to know about the Love collection here.


The It-Bangle Battle: Tiffany Lock Versus Cartier Love

Cartier’s Love bangle has dominated the designer jewelry industry since 1969. Erwan Rambourg, HSBC’s global head of consumer and retail research, values the Love collection at approximately one billion U.S. dollars. Cartier did not confirm, and consumers think the number is higher considering the brand’s value on a global scale. Richemont, the Switzerland-based luxury goods holding company that acquired Cartier, doesn’t reveal revenue by collection, but the brand was valued at 12.5 billion U.S. dollars in 2023. In comparison, Tiffany’s brand value worldwide was seven billion U.S. dollars.

Given that Tiffany’s global value is only half of Cartier’s, the American brand still has a long way to go before surpassing the French powerhouse. Nonetheless, they’ve been neck-and-neck in terms of popularity, with both belonging to the list of most popular jewelry brands in the world. If any bangle can reach icon status and a steady stream of sales like the Cartier Love, it’s most definitely the Tiffany Lock.


Facts About the Tiffany Lock Bracelet

In August 2022, Tiffany & Co. unveiled the Tiffany Lock collection, introducing a contemporary, all-gender design to the luxury jewelry sector. The bracelet, in particular, quickly gained attention not only for its modern aesthetics but also because, in the back of people’s minds, it could challenge the Love bangle’s success.


Design Elements

The Tiffany Lock bangle has a sleek, simple, yet luxurious design. The brand took a creative spin on traditional padlocks, “giving functional hardware a glamorous upgrade,” wrote Horacio Silva in W Magazine.

Unlike more ornate pieces, the Tiffany Lock embraces simplicity with clean lines and a polished finish. It features the rotating mechanism of a functional padlock, a distinct element that could give the Cartier Love’s screw motif a run for its money.

The bangle is available in various metals, including 18K yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold, with or without diamonds, pink sapphires, and other gemstones.


Symbolism and Inspiration

Inspired by a padlock from the 1883 House archives, the Tiffany Lock is “an expression of love’s enduring protection.” Its interpretation of locking jewelry contrasts Cartier Love’s controversial design inspiration: chastity belts from the Middle Ages. However, some argue that padlocks were also an essential component of cruel chastity belts.


Marketing and Reception

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Since its launch, the Tiffany Lock bangle has received positive reception from both consumers and critics. Tiffany & Co. has strategically marketed the bangle, emphasizing its modern design and symbolic value. The bangle has been featured in various fashion magazines and has garnered endorsements from top celebrities, further boosting its popularity. Its sleek design and versatile appeal make it a favored choice for those looking to make a stylish yet meaningful statement.



The market pricing for the Tiffany Lock and Cartier Love bangle is neck and neck, reflecting their brand prestige and design elements. The Cartier Love bracelet, a well-established luxury item since the 1970s, commands a high price due to its iconic status and historical significance. As of May 2024, prices for the Cartier Love bangle begin at $4,750 for the slim version, up to $7,350 for the standard model, and can exceed $60,000 for the diamond-paved variety.

In comparison, prices for the Tiffany Lock bangle begin at $7,300 for the standard models, up to $42,000 for versions with full pavé diamonds, and a whopping $120,000 for pieces with baguette and pavé diamonds.


Investment Potential

When considering investment potential, both the Cartier Love and Tiffany Lock bangle can yield significant returns.

The Cartier Love has a long track record of maintaining and increasing value, partly due to its status symbol, its popularity in the secondary luxury market, and the value of the precious metals used. Collectors and investors recognize the enduring appeal of the Love bracelet, often resulting in high resale prices.


photo of Tiffany and Co. storefront

Although relatively new to the market, the Tiffany Lock bracelet has an established investment history similar to the Cartier Love, particularly in the United States. Its value in the resale market could appreciate further in the coming years, especially as the Lock becomes a long-term staple in Tiffany’s offerings.


Lock Versus Love: Is the Tiffany Lock Coming for the Cartier Love’s Throne?

Tiffany & Company’s marketing tactic for the Lock, which focuses on love, seems to take a page from Cartier’s marketing playbook for the Love collection (minus the overall design and screw motif). Let’s not forget that padlocks were also a component of the chastity belts that inspired Aldo Cipullo’s Cartier Love bangle.

Having said the above, the Tiffany Lock is definitely Cartier Love’s biggest competition. Both jewelry brands also belong to rival luxury goods conglomerates, with Richemont owning Cartier and LVMH owning Tiffany & Co. It might be safe to say that, yes, the Lock could be trying to take the Love’s it-bangle status. But will Tiffany succeed in this endeavor? The fact that people from backgrounds as diverse as European royals and social media influencers have a Cartier Love bracelet also suggests that the piece is ubiquitous – will this mass presence be its downfall? Only time will tell. P.S. These bangles can co-exist in peace, as seen on people’s wrists.


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