Three Tips for Selling Jewelry after a Divorce

Tips for Selling Jewelry after a Divorce

Going through divorce is an emotionally taxing experience. Moving on from a failed marriage takes time and involves a lot of phases, and one of which is letting go of things that remind you of a relationship you’re no longer in.

When you part ways with your spouse, one of the things that probably crossed your mind is what to do with the wedding ring and other jewelry associated to your union such as your engagement ring, and other pieces given as gifts on special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. Well, you can throw them in the ocean, dump them in a pit, flush them in the toilet, or do something dramatic with those pieces. But no matter how momentous that may be, all you will probably feel is a short feeling of triumph, and afterward you will be left with no ring and not a single cent added to your bank account.

Selling jewelry after divorce is a practical way of getting rid of the old and welcoming the new, and earning cash along the process. If you’re going this route, here are three things you need to keep in mind.

1. Make sure you’re ready.

While we believe that selling jewelry after divorce is a smart move, we still encourage you to put those pieces up for sale only when you’re ready.

Let the dust clear and your emotions to mellow down, so that you can make ideal decisions about moving on and letting go of jewelry. Just like deciding to tie the knot, selling jewelry from a broken marriage is a huge step, and you need to be completely sure it’s what you want to do.

Aside from selling your jewelry, consider other things you might want to do with them. Do you want your children to have them? At some point, you were at your happiest with those jewelry and you might want to impart that memory with your sons or daughters. You might also want to preserve those jewelry as part of a family heirloom that would be passed onto future generations in your bloodline.

2. Determine the value of the jewelry.

Whether it’s a wedding ring or a diamond set given to you as an anniversary gift, you need to be familiar with the value of the pieces you want to sell. Find out which designer did it, its cost, metal composition, carat, and any unique features. Also, compile any document related to the piece. Does it have an appraisal document? Is it under any insurance? Is it GIA certified?

Knowing the value of your jewelry helps you know what to expect when you take it for evaluation, and at the same time, provides you some bargaining power. It also helps you gauge if selling it is appropriate.

3. Decide who to sell it to.

There are several ways to sell pre-owned jewelry, one of which is going to Biltmore Loan. Biltmore Loan has more than 30 years of experience in buying diamonds and jewelry. We have a team of GIA-certified appraisers, so you can be sure of accuracy in our appraisals. More so, we give offers that are higher than industry standards. While parting with your jewelry can often be an emotional experience, we try to make it as pain-free as possible with high levels of confidentiality.

Working with Biltmore Loan is convenient and hassle-free. All you need to do is get in touch with us, take in the jewelry you want to sell, and receive cash immediately if you agree with the offer and terms of the sale. More so, we are willing to answer any questions you may have about the value of the piece and how it was appraised. If you want to know more about Biltmore Loan and the valuables we buy or lend on, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Other ways of selling jewelry are putting them up for sale on online selling platforms, offering them to individuals such as your colleagues, or taking them to pawnshops.

As you try to figure out how to sell your jewelry, always shop around. Weigh the pros and cons and go for the once who will give you not just the best offer, but also peace of mind.

Selling jewelry after divorce is a way to move on and say hello to a new chapter in your life. And it wouldn’t hurt to earn cash in the process. Keep the three tips discussed above as you look for buyers, so that you can finally let go of a bad memory and welcome new beginnings with extra dollars in your pocket.