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One of the advantages of owning precious metals is the extra layer of financial cushion they provide. Gold, silver, and platinum can have substantial value that you can use in case you need extra cash or cover an unforeseen expense.

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    How to Get Quick Cash with Precious Metals

    Biltmore Loan offers two options for tapping the value of precious metals, and these are through selling or applying for a Collateral Loan.

    • Sell – Biltmore Loan is a trusted buyer of precious metals and known for providing top-dollar for pieces taken to them.
    • Collateral loan – If you have no plans of parting with your precious metals but want to use their value to overcome a temporary financial setback, you can go for a collateral loan. In this option, your precious metals will act as a guarantee and will be with Biltmore Loan for the duration of the loan.

    Why Entrust your Precious Metals to Biltmore Loan?

    Biltmore is Arizona’s premier buyer and provider of collateral loans involving precious metals.

    We are experts at what we do. For over 30 years, we have helped a lot of clients through buying their high-value pieces and granting asset-based loans.

    We accept all types of precious metals, whether they are in the form of jewelry, coins, or bars.

    In addition, we buy and lend on all precious metals, regardless of condition. So, don’t fret if you have a broken, mismatched, or unused piece because they are still welcome at Biltmore Loan for appraisal.

    Collateral Loans on Gold and Platinum Coins

    Get in Touch with Biltmore Loan: How to get a FREE appraisal

    Do you want us to take a look at your precious metals? Fill up our appraisal form or just head straight to our offices in Chandler and Scottsdale. Walk-ins are allowed at both locations.

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    We encourage you to browse through this website to learn more about Biltmore Loan and how we help people with their high-value assets. You can begin here for a quick overview about out who we are and what we do.

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