Know Your French: A Guide to Furniture Styles in France

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February 2 2018

French antique furniture is renowned for their refined nature and rich use of materials, which explains why they command premium prices at auctions. From provincial furniture that features cabriole legs and scalloped carvings, to French royal furniture designed exclusively for the use of royalty — let’s explore the evolution of French furniture styles through the […]

The Key Periods of American Antique Furniture

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January 28 2018

One of the best ways to learn about a country’s history is by looking at their furniture, and America has a long and colorful one. Most furniture styles correspond to the time when they originated, while other styles are associated with a specific person who created or inspired the furniture design, as in the case […]

Tiffany Lamps: What You Should Know

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December 28 2017

Tiffany lamps are among the most coveted lamps in the world. It is a type of lamp with a glass shade designed by Louis Comfort Tiffany and his design studio. The lamps are considered a major part of the Art Nouveau movement. Each lamp features stained leaded glass, and it is because of Tiffany’s dominant […]

Misconceptions about Antique Furniture

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October 9 2017

Antique furniture has a certain charm that is incomparable to the products sold at IKEA or other places that sell contemporary furniture. In the age of DIY, and let’s face it, often disposable furniture, antiques are considered investment pieces. They instantly add character and a touch of nostalgia to any home. However, there are a […]


chanel bag

Luxury 101: Items Women Should Have

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October 23 2017

The fashion industry is worth a staggering three trillion dollars. The womenswear industry, which typically includes everyday clothing, accessories, footwear, lingerie, and everything else that a woman wears (except bridal wear), is worth $621 billion. Meanwhile, the bridal wear industry is at $57 billion. In comparison, men’s wear is at $402 billion, while the luxury […]

Designer Hermes Bag

Hermès: The Journey Lives On

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October 16 2017

In a previous blog, we talked about the proud history of Hermès International S.A., also known as Hermès Paris. Today, we are going to continue the journey and show you how this international fashion house has grown today. After the Kelly Bag Hermès launched the popular Kelly Bag, known initially as Sac à Dépêches, in […]

Designer Hermes Bag

Hermès: The Beginnings

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September 18 2017

There are few brands in history that have become staples of luxury. Hermès International S.A., also known as Hermès Paris, a French high fashion luxury goods manufacturer, is one of those brands. Hermès has become a household name, not only among the rich and the famous, but even among the middle-class citizens. The brand has […]

Designer Hermes Bag

Better Than Gold – Why You Need to Invest in a Birkin Bag

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April 10 2017

More and more investors agree that for long term investment options, your best bet will probably be a Birkin bag by Hermes. Instead of investing in gold this year which sometimes tumbles in the stock market, why don’t you consider making a Birkin bag investment? The Hermes Birkin has reportedly out-paced the price of gold […]


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Chandler, Arizona: 6 places for lovers of Art and History

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November 15 2017

The city of Chandler is located in Maricopa County in Arizona. It is bordered by Tempe, Mesa, Phoenix, Gilbert, and the Gila River Indian Community, and is known for many things. Among these claims to fame are its lively culture scene, diverse leisure activities, and bustling tech presence, being home to satellite offices of renowned […]


Art as a valuable but complicated asset

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January 16 2017

You can purchase a piece of art to enjoy the aesthetic value it gives your home, and with time it may become more expensive. Marketing of artworks is unpredictable, and you are not guaranteed any immediate profits, but with little forethought and legwork, you can invest in your home with works of art that may […]

How To Invest Your Money With Artworks

How To Invest Your Money With Artworks

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August 15 2016

Investing resources in artworks requires due perseverance, tolerance, and commitment to seeing it generate profit. The great advantage of investing your money in artworks is the prestige factor that no other investment vehicle can match. All types of investment have a risk factor and although investing in artworks may not be always profitable but it’s […]

When in Scottsdale Three Places for Art Lovers

When in Scottsdale: Three Places for Art Lovers

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July 11 2016

Scottsdale is a city located in the eastern part of Maricopa County, Arizona. It is one of the largest cities in Arizona with a population of 236,839 as of July 2015. It’s known for the slogan “West’s Most Western Town” and dubbed by The New York Times as the “desert version of Miami’s South Beach” […]

Golds/Silver/Rare Coins

The 411 on Arizona Gold: Discovery and Uses

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November 5 2017

Arizona is one of the largest gold-producing states in the United States with numerous gold-bearing rivers. Gravity tends to make gold collect in rivers, and Arizona is abundant in both which makes it a favorite among gold prospectors. Gold deposits are plentiful in the state’s Santa Cruz, Hassayampa, Colorado, Gila, San Francisco, and Santa Maria […]

Fishing for Gold: Arizona Rivers that Actually Spawn Gold

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November 4 2017

Arizona is a favorite among gold prospectors given its location, weather conditions, and general environment that are all ideal hotspots for gold. One of the reasons Arizona is perfect for gold prospecting is that public lands open to exploration are easily accessible. Gold tends to concentrate in rivers due to gravity, which is why they […]

All About Palladium – A Precious Metal

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August 14 2017

Since 1939, palladium has been used as a precious metal and alternative to platinum in jewelry. It is part of the “white gold” group of alloys where the natural white palladium color does not require plating by rhodium. Compared to platinum, palladium is not as dense. Like gold, palladium can be beaten thin as a […]

Precious Metals Series

All About Ruthenium – Precious Metals Series

August 11 2017

The first of the noble metals on the periodic table, Ruthenium is part of the star members in the group of platinum and gold. These are shiny, expensive metals used often in lab ware and jewelry. Plated jewelry made with Ruthenium is quite common but not as common as gold plated jewelry. Items plated with […]

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Need Cash? 3 Things to Consider Before Going to a Pawnshop

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September 25 2017

When in a pinch, people tend to turn to the easiest way they can scourge up some funds. A typical example of this is a person who is in the middle of paychecks, and suddenly need emergency funds for medical reasons or for a family member. This person needs the money right now. To do […]

What You Need to Know About Luxury Asset Lending

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August 23 2017

If you need cash for a purchase but only have an extra Ferrari at hand, then you shouldn’t have a problem. Over the last couple of years, luxury asset loans have been growing in popularity, especially among people who have expensive items but are short on cash. If you want a convenient source of funding […]

Immediate Cash and Loan in Scottsdale and Chandler

Helping your start-up: Immediate Cash from Your Assets

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May 15 2017

More and more people are starting their own business whether online or offline in a brick and mortar store. What stops most people is that they need more capital than they have at the moment. When this is the case for you, or you feel that you can relate to this situation, it is time […]

sell your jewelry to biltmore loan

Collectibles and Antiques Can be Sold or Used as Collateral

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May 8 2017

Biltmore Loan and Jewelry provides loans and even purchases your collectibles and antiques ranging from sports memorabilia, model vehicles, comic books, furniture, clocks, sterling silverware, crystal, flatware and Tiffany lamps. Various antique pieces are acceptable for sale or used as loan collateral by Biltmore. These include silver hollowware or flatware, native rugs, oriental rugs or […]

Sonoran Living

What's It Worth On Sonoran Living Live February 21 2017 Part 1

What’s It Worth On Sonoran Living Live February 21, 2017 Part 1

Biltmore Loan And Jewelry
May 17 2017

  Host: Well, if you collect items or if you have any fine jewelry you’re not using. But you know what, you wanna know what could they be worth? Could have possibly get some money for them? Perhaps used them as collateral for a loan? It’s important to trust who you take them to so […]

What's it worth on Sonoran Living live January 11, 2017 Part 2

What’s It Worth On Sonoran Living Live January 11, 2017 Part 2

Biltmore Loan And Jewelry
January 21 2017

Host: And we’re back with David Goldstein of Biltmore Loan. And he’s telling us about the values of the some items you might have. And you know what? You might wearing some of those items while you’re out looking at some fancy beautiful cars of Barrett-Jackson. Or you might just run into this guy right […]

What’s it worth on Sonoran Living live January 11, 2017 Part 1

Video Transcription: What’s it worth on Sonoran Living live January 11, 2017 Part 1

Biltmore Loan And Jewelry
January 20 2017

Host: I know.. I actually posted this on my Facebook page. I actually cleaned out my closet for the New Year. I truly did and if you’re doing the same thing and you might come across some items you may think hmm.. I wonder if this has any value too. Or make sure you take […]

david webb brooch 1

Recap: Biltmore Loan will find the value of your items

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November 21 2016

Host: And we’re back with David Goldstein of Biltmore Loan and you know we’ve been talking here just in the break David about some of the, the items that are, are coming back right. That are popular kind of the retro —— David: The return of everything. Host: The return of everything and I, my […]


amethyst birthstone

The Amethyst: All You Need to Know About the February Birthstone

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February 17 2018

In the ranks of crystals with metaphysical properties, very few are as famous or as distinctive as the amethyst. Well-known for its unique purple coloration, the amethyst is a form of Quartz that contains iron and other trace minerals within its structure. It’s highly noticeable how this magnificent gemstone has quite the variation in color, […]

18 Karat Gold Crystal and Oval Sapphire Ring

How to Choose the Right Engagement Ring

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February 10 2018

Congratulations! You finally found The One, the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. At this point, you’re probably ready to pop the question. Buying an engagement ring can be quite an overwhelming task. There’s a lot more work involved than just walking into a jewelry store with your credit card. […]

Red Diamonds: What You Should Know

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January 12 2018

Diamonds come in all shapes and sizes, and their value is based on factors such as cut, clarity, rarity, and color. Red diamonds, in particular, are one of the rarest stones in the world — so rare that only 30 true gem-quality red diamonds are known to exist, with most of them being less than […]

The 10 Rarest and Most Expensive Gemstones

Biltmore Loan And Jewelry
January 2 2018

Because of their luster, ethereal colors, and various shapes and sizes — it can be easy to develop a fascination for gemstones. Also called precious or semi-precious stones, gemstones are pieces of mineral crystal which are cut and polished to be used in jewelry making. Most gemstones are used in jewelry because of their physical […]



The 10 Most Expensive Watches in the World

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November 28 2017

There was a time when a watch was more than just a fashion accessory — wearing one was an absolute necessity for both men and women because without it, one would never be able to tell time.  These days, watches have been relegated mostly to just being an additional accent to a fashionable outfit, with […]


Luxury 101: How to Start Your Watch Collection

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November 21 2017

A timepiece plays an important role in a man’s life. If women have luxury bags, accessories, clothes, and jewelry, then men have luxury timepieces. After all, watches are mainly one of the few “accessories” they can sport, aside from a wedding ring. However, starting a watch collection is easier said than done. You don’t want […]

Van Cleef and Arpels 1970 Zodiac Sign, Tiffany Jewelry and Cartier Lighter

How to Take Care of Luxury Watches According to Watch Experts

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December 5 2016

There is so much more to a luxury watch than just something you wear on your wrist to tell time. A high-end timepiece is a status symbol, investment, and something to cherish for more than a lifetime. It is also a salute to amazing craftsmanship and beauty. All these in mind, it requires proper maintenance […]

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The Psychological and Practical Benefits of Wearing an Expensive Watch

Biltmore Loan And Jewelry
October 10 2016

Ever think about buying a luxury expensive watch? Believe or not there are both psychological and practical benefits of this. When you dive into the world of expensive luxury watches, there is a lot to learn. Not just their general history, terminology and brands. Also where and how to buy them. This is particularly true […]

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