How to Care for Jewelry in Arizona’s Hot Weather

You should take good care of your jewelry all year round, and Arizona’s blistering weather (especially during the summer) calls for extra love and care when sand and water activities expose prec...

Trending: Handbags From Luxury Jewelry Brands

While some consumers considered bags useless in 2020 due to the COVID-19 lockdowns and stay-at-home orders, handbags and other leather goods have remained one of the most resilient luxury products thr...

Top 9 Types of Bracelets to Buy: Tennis, Cuff, & More

The word “bracelet” is an umbrella term describing any category of ornamental jewelry worn on the wrist or arm. From the everyday chain link bracelet to statement cuffs from leading design...

17 Most Popular Types of Earrings and Backings

Whether it’s chic diamond studs or eye-catching gold hoops, earrings are a must-have piece of jewelry, making you look put together without seeming overdone. From classic earring styles to more ...

Omega Watches: History and Best Collections to Buy

Internationally acclaimed for their magnificent designs and masterful attention to detail, Omega watches have graced the wrists of politicians, royal family members, A-list celebrities, and even astro...


Favrile Glass: Facts on the Brilliance of Tiffany Glassmaking

Louis Comfort Tiffany (1848-1933) is the creative genius behind Favrile glass, a lustrous and iridescent art glass used to create a variety of decorative items and architectural installations around the turn of the 20th Century. In this article, our Phoenix antique valuation and appraisal specialists will provide some background on how this exemplary material was […]

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Luxury It Bags (Mini Edition): Top 15 Designer Mini Bags

If you’re an “overstuffer,” meaning you’re the type of person whose bag carries it all — a makeup bag, wallet, smartphone, a snack, and maybe even a laptop — then it’s time to narrow down your essentials because there’s no avoiding the designer mini bag trend.  Miniature handbags have been a symbol of wealth throughout […]

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Art History Timeline Part 3: Emergence of Contemporary Art

In the last 3000 years, western art history has gone through many changes, resulting in a diverse range of styles, techniques, and mediums. Art has always been a reflection of societal contexts and changes, making it a crucial indicator of cultural and sociopolitical climates during the time of their creation. Here is the continuation of […]

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Golds/Silver/Rare Coins

Value of Rare Coins: How Much Is Your Nickel Worth?

The United States nickel is a five-cent coin that remains in circulation today. It is well-known for bearing the former U.S. President Thomas Jefferson’s face. However, numismatists (collectors of currency) possess many different types of nickels. The United States first minted nickels in 1866. Almost all were originally made from silver and gold. From 1867 […]

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