Who (and What) Is Lalique? — The Undisputed Glass Master

No other brand exudes the elegance and distinctiveness of late 19th-century French jewelry and early 20th-century glass design like Lalique. Taking its name from founder René Jules Lalique, people fr...

Guide to Diamond Cuts Part 1: Grading Scale, Quality, and Value

In a previous article, we talked about the 10 Best Diamond Shapes in the world, which include all-time favorites like the Tiffany Cut and Emerald Cut. However, your knowledge of that particular subjec...

5 Financial Problems Affecting Americans (With Solutions)

Are you falling behind on payments? You’re not the only one. A recent report from TransUnion revealed that the COVID-19 pandemic has financially affected 52 percent of people in the United State...

7 Unbeatable Benefits of Pawn Shop Loans in Phoenix AZ

Do you need to make money fast? If you have a basement full of high-value items, then consider a pawn shop loan in Phoenix, AZ. Currently, an estimated 30 million Americans are enjoying the advantages...

History of Brooches: Fashion Statements With Symbolic Powers

Often adorning the regal attires of Queen Elizabeth II and those who ruled before her, a brooch is a decorative piece of jewelry fastened onto clothing with a hinged pin and catch. Traditionally refer...


Trash or Treasure? 8 Qualities to Look for in a Baseball Card

Collecting baseball cards is a fascinating hobby that most people acquire during their childhood or teenage years, only to continue and develop a deeper passion well into adulthood. These collectors understand the true value of baseball cards based on the production year, the athlete featured on the card, and the specific number in the set. […]

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7 Best Investment Bags for Growing Your Wealth

If you’ve ever tried to sell a luxury handbag online, then you know the competition can be brutal. Currently, there are more than 34,000 active listings for Louis Vuitton bags on eBay. And, if you only search for the word “bag,” you are likely to get millions of results. To say the least, the eBay […]

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Art History Timeline Part 3: Emergence of Contemporary Art

In the last 3000 years, western art history has gone through many changes, resulting in a diverse range of styles, techniques, and mediums. Art has always been a reflection of societal contexts and changes, making it a crucial indicator of cultural and sociopolitical climates during the time of their creation. Here is the continuation of […]

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Golds/Silver/Rare Coins

Money That Sells: 8 Prized U.S. Coins in Circulation

There are several coins commonly used today that receive appraisals at much higher amounts compared to their face value. Though these coins may not sell for six- and seven-figures like the most expensive coins in the United States, if you come across one of them, then you may trade it in at Biltmore Loan and […]

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