How To Create A Beautiful And Timeless Family Heirloom

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February 21 2019

An heirloom can be a profound connection to your history. Whether it’s your great-aunt’s pearls, your great-grandmother’s brooch, or an antique ring that’s been passed down for generations, an heirloom is a rare item to cherish. If it happens to be jewelry, it provides a tangible link to your female ancestors. If you are lucky […]

RARE Jay Strongwater Arabesque Large Vanity Hand-held Mirror

How To Care For Different Types Of Collectibles

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December 24 2018

Given the tremendous amount of time, money and effort needed to accumulate collectibles, the last thing any self-respecting collector wants is devaluation brought about by damage as well as wear and tear. But even valuables stowed away in storage are not immune from deterioration. Thankfully, you can greatly slow down this process, as long as […]

antique pocket watch

The Expert Guide On Valuing Antiques and Collectibles

Biltmore Loan And Jewelry
December 10 2018

Maybe you have more stuff from your grandparents than you have space for or perhaps you want to turn the clutter in your attic into cash. Whatever your reason, sorting through decades-old collectibles and antiques is a fun way to take a trip down the memory lane. Also, you can make some serious money putting […]

collectible pocket watch

10 Record-Breaking Antiques And Collectibles Ever Auctioned

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December 3 2018

The world’s wealthiest collectors constantly set new record-shattering at auction housing, buying everything from fine art, collectibles, expensive vehicles, and even entire towns. Here’s a (non-exhaustive) list of the most valuable antiques and collectibles that ever sold at an auction house. Ru Guanyao brush washer bowl from the Song Dynasty A Sotheby’s auction in Hong […]


Top 10 Brands That Rule The Luxury Fashion Scene This 2019

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July 25 2019

“Fashion Week” refers to one four-week circuit: starting from New York fashion week, then comes London, Milan, and finally, Paris. While Wikipedia counts 138 worldwide fashion weeks, these four spots are always the most talked about. These are the events where top houses of the industry unveil their new seasonal collections. Celebrities, magazine editors, and […]

Caring for Leather Bags to Get the Best Resale Value

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June 17 2019

An authentic leather bag from the world’s most luxurious brands is the product of skilled artisans and centuries-old traditions. As such, each designer piece deserves the utmost care, especially if you wish to use your handbag as collateral for a loan, or exchange it for cash here at Biltmore Loan and Jewelry. How to Take […]


Brand Spotlight: Nancy Gonzalez Luxury Handbags

Biltmore Loan And Jewelry
April 22 2019

After the two-year death anniversary of Santiago Barberi Gonzalez—the son of luxury handbag designer Nancy Gonzalez—Biltmore Loan and Jewelry thought it would be a fitting time to dedicate a few words to a high-end fashion brand close to the hearts of many, which Santiago Gonzalez helped transform into a household name in New York. Nancy […]

Top 10 Designer Luggage Picks For Every First-Class Traveler

Biltmore Loan And Jewelry
November 8 2018

For those who travel a lot, practicality is usually the only priority when it comes to luggage. But for people who love fashion, traveling in style is a must. Fortunately, top designer bags offer lightweight and durable materials, comfortable rolling systems, and sleek silhouettes to make you feel like a first-class traveler. Designer Suitcases Make […]


painting supplies

10 Famous Paintings With The Heftiest Price Tags

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January 28 2019

Many consider masterpieces done by notable painters to be priceless. Being one of a kind, it makes it difficult to put a price on most works of art. Still, art is sold and bought every day, oftentimes auctioned for millions of dollars. Mona Lisa – Leonardo da Vinci High Renaissance master Leonardo da Vinci excelled […]

art museum

10 Most Controversial Works of Art Throughout History

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January 7 2019

Throughout history, various artists have attempted to subvert the dominant structures in society and provoke the public to see life in a different light. Their works create new perspectives and help open dialogue on current issues. Meet some of the boldest provocateurs of the art scene from the past few centuries. Pablo Picasso, Les Demoiselles […]

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Chandler, Arizona: 6 places for lovers of Art and History

Biltmore Loan And Jewelry
November 15 2017

The city of Chandler is located in Maricopa County in Arizona. It is bordered by Tempe, Mesa, Phoenix, Gilbert, and the Gila River Indian Community, and is known for many things. Among these claims to fame are its lively culture scene, diverse leisure activities, and bustling tech presence, being home to satellite offices of renowned […]


Art as a valuable but complicated asset

Biltmore Loan And Jewelry
January 16 2017

You can purchase a piece of art to enjoy the aesthetic value it gives your home, and with time it may become more expensive. Marketing of artworks is unpredictable, and you are not guaranteed any immediate profits, but with little forethought and legwork, you can invest in your home with works of art that may […]

Golds/Silver/Rare Coins

4 Coins 2004 Ultimate Silver Eagle Dollar Collection Plus one 24K Gold Plated

Beginner’s Mistake: 7 Errors Coin Collectors Should Avoid

Biltmore Loan And Jewelry
July 24 2018

Coin collecting is a fun, challenging, and profitable hobby full of information, tips, and tricks. However, whether you are a budding collector or a long-time numismatics enthusiast, several mistakes could degrade the value of your collection. As expert appraisers and coin fanatics ourselves, Biltmore Loan and Jewelry will share some of the biggest threats to […]

Two Sides of a Coin: How and How Not to Care for Your Coin Collection

Biltmore Loan And Jewelry
May 21 2018

Coins are ever popular collectibles that represent the culture, political economy, and general history of a country. Whether you are a new or seasoned coin collector, you must know the tips and tricks to ensuring the beauty and longevity of your collection: How to Take Care of Your Coin Collection 1. Never polish an old […]

1915 $5 Indian Head Half Eagle Gold Coin

Why You Should Start a Coin Collection

Biltmore Loan And Jewelry
May 14 2018

Coin collecting is a fantastic hobby because it involves your intellect, says Gilles Bransbourg, assistant curator of Roman coins at The American Numismatic Society in New York City. “Being intellectually active is a good thing, whether you are 30 or 70,” he claims. Coins represent a different era and are a passport back to an […]

The 411 on Arizona Gold: Discovery and Uses

Biltmore Loan And Jewelry
November 5 2017

Arizona is one of the largest gold-producing states in the United States with numerous gold-bearing rivers. Gravity tends to make gold collect in rivers, and Arizona is abundant in both which makes it a favorite among gold prospectors. Gold deposits are plentiful in the state’s Santa Cruz, Hassayampa, Colorado, Gila, San Francisco, and Santa Maria […]

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Living Debt-Free: 5 Steps To Financial Independence

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August 19 2019

Financial independence and freedom from debt may sound like impossible pipe dreams but turning them into reality is possible with some legwork and a good plan of attack. If you find yourself living paycheck to paycheck whittling debt that doesn’t seem like it will ever go away, keep reading. These tips will give you the […]

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Facts to Know Before Getting a Collateral Loan in Phoenix, AZ

Biltmore Loan And Jewelry
May 13 2019

Getting approved for a loan is much simpler if you have a significant asset to back it up. Here at Biltmore Loan and Jewelry, we offer borrowers the best value on, but not limited to: Diamonds and other gemstones Jewelry in any arrangement Estate jewelry High-end timepieces or fine watches Gold, silver, platinum, and other […]

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4 Tips To Secure A Small-Business Loan Using Collateral

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May 6 2019

It is a fundamental truth in the business world that you need cash to help grow your organization. Whether you’re a limited liability corporation, a sole proprietorship, or a start-up, getting a small business loan will be crucial for expanding your company’s potential. However, a lender will have to scrutinize both you and your business […]

Jose Hess Natural Round Cut Diamond Tennis Bracelet

In A Pinch? Why Pawn Your Heirloom Instead Of Selling It

Biltmore Loan And Jewelry
February 28 2019

There are many reasons people decide to pawn their inherited jewelry instead of selling them. Pawn is a collateralized loan and is the oldest form of banking in the world. About 30 percent of the U.S. population cannot qualify for a checking account and do not have traditional ways to meet short term cash obligations […]

Sonoran Living

What's It Worth On Sonoran Living Live February 21 2017 Part 1

What’s It Worth On Sonoran Living Live February 21, 2017 Part 1

Biltmore Loan And Jewelry
May 17 2017

  Host: Well, if you collect items or if you have any fine jewelry you’re not using. But you know what, you wanna know what could they be worth? Could have possibly get some money for them? Perhaps used them as collateral for a loan? It’s important to trust who you take them to so […]

What's it worth on Sonoran Living live January 11, 2017 Part 2

What’s It Worth On Sonoran Living Live January 11, 2017 Part 2

Biltmore Loan And Jewelry
January 21 2017

Host: And we’re back with David Goldstein of Biltmore Loan. And he’s telling us about the values of the some items you might have. And you know what? You might wearing some of those items while you’re out looking at some fancy beautiful cars of Barrett-Jackson. Or you might just run into this guy right […]

What’s it worth on Sonoran Living live January 11, 2017 Part 1

Video Transcription: What’s it worth on Sonoran Living live January 11, 2017 Part 1

Biltmore Loan And Jewelry
January 20 2017

Host: I know.. I actually posted this on my Facebook page. I actually cleaned out my closet for the New Year. I truly did and if you’re doing the same thing and you might come across some items you may think hmm.. I wonder if this has any value too. Or make sure you take […]

david webb brooch 1

Recap: Biltmore Loan will find the value of your items

Biltmore Loan And Jewelry
November 21 2016

Host: And we’re back with David Goldstein of Biltmore Loan and you know we’ve been talking here just in the break David about some of the, the items that are, are coming back right. That are popular kind of the retro —— David: The return of everything. Host: The return of everything and I, my […]


Jewelry Shopping 101: Nine Questions to Ask a Jeweler

Biltmore Loan And Jewelry
August 1 2019

“Boxes from Tiffany and colorless diamonds Fire red gemstones mined straight from the mountains Dazzling and gleaming and set in pave’ These are a few of my favorite things”   Fine jewelry — oh, how we love them. No matter how many times we shop for shining, shimmering, splendid accessories, the experience is always exciting. […]

How To Choose & Buy Loose Gemstones: The Perfect Customizable Present

Biltmore Loan And Jewelry
July 12 2019

When special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries come, nothing is more thoughtful than getting your loved one a customizable present. Surprise your partner with a loose gemstone. Together, bring this precious stone into a shop to design a piece of one-of-a-kind jewelry. Knowing that there’s no one else in the world who has the same […]

Garnet Gemstones Make For Exciting Fine Jewelry

Biltmore Loan And Jewelry
July 8 2019

Yearly jewelry trends tend to highlight either classic or non-traditional choices. However, there is a growing market for unique stones as the shoppers continue to look for items that promote positive energy and offer healing benefits. Diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, and rubies (the standard gems) remain in high demand, but interest has swelled recently for “the […]

Van Cleef & Arpels – A Century Of Legacy In Jewelry Making

Biltmore Loan And Jewelry
June 28 2019

From delicate flowers to billowing ballerinas, Van Cleef & Arpels has mastered the art of jewelry making. In 1895, Estelle Arpels, the daughter of a precious stones merchant, married Alfred Van Cleef, the son of a stonecutter. Little did the world know, this union would pioneer a luxury brand that will thrive more than a […]


rolex kermit

An In-Depth Look At The Rolex Submariner “Kermit”

Biltmore Loan And Jewelry
August 12 2019

Green is the color most associated with Rolex. Generally speaking, watches from this brand are relatively conservative in design and are often devoid of bright hues. However, the company loves this lush color when it comes to their anniversary edition timepieces. It’s also the theme they’ve been using in their logo and advertisements since the […]

Picking A Watch Based On Your Lifestyle and Personality

Biltmore Loan And Jewelry
June 3 2019

No gentleman goes out without his trusted wristwatch. As an article you use almost daily, your watch is essentially an extension of yourself, and as such, must reflect your personality. When choosing a new timepiece, the two main factors to consider are functionality and design. In addition, you should seek something that suits your lifestyle. […]

10 Modish Armani Exchange Watches To Add To Your Collection

Biltmore Loan And Jewelry
April 15 2019

Known for his androgynous or gender-bending designs, it didn’t take long for Giorgio Armani’s label to make it to the high fashion scene. Giorgio Armani SpA, co-founded with Sergio Galeotti, has taken Hollywood by storm as the 80s rolled around. Soon the company explored other branches of fashion besides haute couture. With its famous diffusion […]

Hublot MDM Geneve Depose Automatic Watch 37mm Black Rubber Strap w Black Dial

Top 10 Watch Brands Every Gentleman Needs To Know

Biltmore Loan And Jewelry
March 1 2019

No matter how advanced the technology gets, the traditional mechanical movements of a classic wristwatch remain to be a captivating work of art. It’s a timeless piece that has been perfected and fine-tuned over centuries of relentless dedication, sophisticated craftsmanship, and passionate innovation. Renowned horologists who have passed down the ingenuity of their work gives […]