5 Lladró Figurines Worth Thousands of Dollars Per Piece

If you love high-end figurines, you likely know about Lladró. This brand’s sculpted whimsies go beyond home and office decor; they are high-value collectibles with exquisite workmanship and timeless allure. Skilled artisans carve and shape each hard-paste porcelain beauty by hand in Valencia, Spain. This handcrafted quality adds to the brand’s growing appeal.

While all Lladró statuettes hold some level of desirability among collectors, some are rarer and more valuable than others. One particular design even commands up to $65,000 apiece.


Why is Lladró so expensive?

Others might wonder, “Why would I pay thousands of dollars for a figurine?” Here’s why:


1. History of affluent clientele

For decades, Lladró connoisseurs belonged to high society, which helped the brand flourish and maintain its popularity. Even today, Lladró collectors are some of the wealthiest or well-known individuals in their respective countries. In Asia, Filipino socialite Heart Evangelista and South Korean actor Ahn Bo Hyun are famous fans of the brand.


2. Cultural and historical pieces

A factor adding to the value-retaining or price-rising qualities of Lladró is historical significance or association with notable events and themes. For instance, commemorative pieces that mark milestones or collaborations with renowned artists, as well as figurines depicting cultures from all over the world, often fetch higher prices due to their context and exclusivity.


3. Limited edition status

Speaking of exclusivity, another factor contributing to the brand’s value is the limited availability of certain figurines. Lladró often releases special editions with a limited production run, making them highly coveted among collectors. These pieces typically feature intricate details or unique designs that set them apart from regular production pieces.

Furthermore, Lladró retires many of their figurines over time, increasing demand from collectors. Of course, as many of us know, the more difficult something is to find, the higher its value in the secondary market.

Learn more about the driving factors behind Lladró’s value here.


What are the most valuable Lladró figurines?

Sourced from collectors and collections far and wide, here are some of the rarest, most valuable Lladró pieces:


1. Tea in the Garden

  • Highest known bid: $12,900
  • Artist: Jose Puche
  • Year of release: 1992

This limited edition is one of the most sought-after figurines from Lladró. Puche used at least 70 different colors to perfect this delicate porcelain beauty, which showcases three women having tea against a pergola-like backdrop of 300 blooming flowers. Other details, like the dresses and fans, feature lace and prints that Puche hand-embroidered and painted himself. Truly, Puche outdid himself, so much that it intimidated other Lladró artists in the 90s.

“Tea in the Garden” embodies an enduring sense of romanticism, evoking both timelessness and familiarity. It has a tranquil and elegant feel, leaving no questions about why it remains on many collectors’ wishlists.


2. The Fox Hunt

  • Highest known bid: $14,990
  • Artist: Salvador Furio
  • Year of release: 1986
  • Year retired: 2014

This piece, steeped in the spirit of enthusiasm, has a rich connection to the values of the Lladró family. Hunting has been an intrinsic facet of the Lladró lifestyle, and this sculpture captures its essence to the core. It features the dynamic spectacle of galloping horses, a formidable pack of eight hounds, and four attired riders, all converging on their shared passion and expertise: The age-old art of hunting.


3. Summertime Symphony

  • Highest known bid: $18,800
  • Artist: Marco Antonio Nogueron
  • Year of release: 2014

This gorgeous creation, if we say so ourselves, showcases Nogueron’s mastery in manipulating gloss porcelain. The coveted piece features three elegant women draped in floral red, deep blue, and pristine white gowns as they play the lute, cello, and violin beneath a blooming vine-crawled gazebo.

“Summertime Symphony” is a limited edition with only 2000 pieces worldwide. This extraordinary work of art has an auction price of $17,000 and up, making it one of Lladró’s most desired sculptures.


4. Cinderella’s Arrival

  • Highest known bid: $52,745
  • Artist: Francisco Polope
  • Year of release: 1994

The creation of “Cinderella’s Arrival” was a monumental achievement for the illustrious Lladró porcelain workshop. It portrays the classic princess Cinderella and her pumpkin carriage, which Polope embellished beautifully with handcrafted porcelain flowers. The whimsical piece also features Cinderella’s friends, including her mice-turned-horses, coachman-turned-horse, and footman-turned-dog.

In crafting this masterpiece, Polope harnessed his artistic virtuosity and technical finesse to bring to life every detail envisioned by Cinderella’s original storyteller, Charles Perrault. The result is nothing short of pure enchantment, where even the gold-plated reins of the horses and the embellished harnesses, adorned with sparkling zircon, mirror Polope’s artistry and keen eye for beauty.

Since fairytale princesses are some of the most popular figures among children and adults alike, this sculpture’s hefty $52,745 price tag makes perfect sense.


5. A Grand Adventure

  • Highest known bid: $65,935
  • Artist: Joan Coderch and Julio Ruiz
  • Year of release: 2002

All aboard! Here comes the crowning jewel of Lladró! “A Grand Adventure” is a work of wonder from talented artists Joan Coderch and Julio Ruiz. The grand piece features 14 hand-sculpted individuals alongside an awe-inspiring locomotive. And, a hidden pièce de résistance not to be overlooked, a playful little dog dashes along the platform.

This masterpiece embarks on a journey into the past, paying heartfelt homage to the golden era of steam trains. A limited edition of only 500 pieces, this towering masterpiece boasts an impressive span of 135cm, standing as a testament to the brand’s ambition and artistic prowess. It auctions for $65,935 and up, making it the most expensive sculpture from Lladró.


Where to sell Lladró porcelain in Phoenix, Arizona

Whether you’re an avid collector or simply appreciate the artistry of these porcelain sculptures, owning one of the rarest and most valuable Lladró figurines can bring a touch of elegance into your space while also serving as a sound investment. In fact, if you own any of the above or other Lladró figurines, Biltmore Loan and Jewelry is happy to offer a competitive price. Visit us today in Chandler or Scottsdale, AZ, to find out how much your Lladró porcelain is worth.