Guaranteed Best Offer

At Biltmore Loan, our basic philosophy is that we always pay more than our competitors, no matter what.

Biltmore Loan and Jewelry - ScottsdaleWe Will Beat Offers from Our Competitors

We are so confident in our ability to pay more, that we encourage people to shop around to our competitors if getting a loan or selling their valuables.

Bring in all offers you get and we will do everything we can to pay more, provided the offer is legitimate.

Why We Pay More

At Biltmore, we understand that if we do not consistently strive to give more money than our competitors by paying a higher loan value for loans, our customers will simply go elsewhere. If we do not pay the maximum price for valuables as a purchase, people will find a company that will pay more and go there.

It is these basic concepts that drive us to constantly conduct market research and secret shop our competitors so we know what they are paying. If we know what our competitors are paying, we can offer more.

Since 1994, our founder has been in the collateral lending business in Phoenix and has since built up the largest private collateral lending operation in Arizona. Our success is entirely attributed to our basic belief that we need to pay more than our competitors, no matter what, as well as provide customer service that is superior to our competition.

How We Can Pay More

We are 100% confident that we will provide a better offer than our competitors. The reason why is due to a unique competitive advantage that we have over other companies. That competitive advantage is our huge resale network of jewelers, diamond buyers, art brokers, car dealers, and other. With over 30 years in the diamond and jewelry business and almost 20 years in the collateral lending business, we have built up this network over time.

By having a stronger resale network than our competitors, we know that we can ultimately sell the items for more if the loan defaults or if we buy it outright. We keep our profit margin low, so we buy/loan high and sell high. Most of our competitors try to buy/loan low and sell high to maximize their profits.

We believe in buying/loaning high and selling high, with the lower profit margin being outweighed by a higher amount of customers doing business with us.

Contact Us Today!

If you have a question or are unsure if we are interested in your item(s), Biltmore will be more-than-happy to evaluate what you have for free with no obligation. Please use our appraisal form here or you can visit our How it works page for more information. Walk-ins are accepted at our Chandler and Scottsdale locations. No need to set an appointment!

Chandler: 480-705-5626, 670 N. 54th Street, Chandler, AZ 85226

Scottsdale: 480-991-5626, 10830 N Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale, AZ 85254