Recap: David brings a Cabochon Rubies Pin valued at $1800

Host: Oh we’re back with David Goldstein from Biltmore Loan & Jewelry and today we’re talking about antique jewelry. I don’t care what we’re talking about, you always bring us something really fascinating and you actually commented and saw John Mayer this morning wearing a squash blossom necklace.

David: A native american necklace that we just talked about a few weeks ago and that is what really it’s all about, is that certain styles comeback and in the first segment we talked about the Art deco period   which  was 1910’s to 1930’s and then 40’s became the retro period where everything turn into pink gold, a lot of red stone were used, much less diamond and what’s really fascinating is the reason I didn’t bring a lot a pieces for retro is because people not really wearing them it didn’t make a come back.

Host: So did you end up loaning or buying?

David: This was actually bought. This was somebody that who just moved here from Seattle who brought this in. And they were relocating here and as they were going through their stuff they have found this with the bunch of other things, most of the other things had no value and this we found was.

Host: And it’s got some beautiful stones in it and also has under you can see this  little line of diamonds along the back do you mind me asking how much?

David: No Not at all. These are all cabochon rubies and diamonds and this was a pin that was paid for Eighteen Hundred dollars for.

Host: Wow!

David: But it was really a great story behind this this woman one came in with her costume jewelry, her fake watches, her fashion accessories and everything and all in the big box and she said I just moved here, have a few more expenses and cleaning the house i found this could you go thru it for us? … and you know the interesting things was she thought most of everything was kind of costume fashion…

Host: Costume Yeah…yeah.

David: .. and we found one nice piece on there and this is what ended up happening for her. We were able to make this turn into money for her.

Host: Which is exactly what can happen to you. So to find out how much your stuff might worth. Email photos along with information to [email protected] you can also call them 480-991-LOAN. There website and like them at Speaking of Facebook guess what you could be the lucky winner of this beautiful Leslie Gling sterling silver necklace has 12 full out of brilliant round diamond on it its valued over Three Hundred seven and thirty five dollar. All you have to do is go to Biltmore Loan’s Facebook page right now, like it and write “Holiday Giveaway” to be entered to win the contest ends on Friday December 20th.