How to Care for Jewelry in Arizona’s Hot Weather

You should take good care of your jewelry all year round, and Arizona’s blistering weather (especially during the summer) calls for extra love and care when sand and water activities expose precious metals and gemstones to more wear and tear.

We’ve compiled a list of expert recommendations to help you take care of your jewelry and keep them looking pristine and shiny in Arizona’s hot climate.

How to Prevent Damage to Your Jewelry

Keep the following tips in mind if you intend to go for a dip in the pool or ocean.

  1. Avoid wearing vulnerable pieces of jewelry at the beach

Though you may want to show off the stunning 24 karat gold promise ring your significant other gave you, it would be best to leave that particular piece at home if you’re planning to spend your time lounging and swimming at the beach. Gold is one of the softest metals, and the higher the karat (the purer the gold), the more vulnerable a gold piece of jewelry is to scratches, dents, and even warping. And, with all the sand blowing around on the shoreline, your fine jewelry would be at serious risk of damage since sand is an abrasive material.

Saltwater is also damaging, and exposure can erode gold, silver, and even platinum. You should remove any jewelry embedded with emeralds, opals, and other gemstones before going to the beach, since these stones are porous and can absorb salt and sand particles from the air. Your jewelry will rot from the inside out as a result.

Keep your copper-infused metals and rose gold or stainless steel pieces away from the beach as well. Salt damages copper, so it will ruin your copper-infused jewelry, too.

If going on a vacation and hitting the beach is on your itinerary, the safest bet is to wear lower-karat gold or sturdy platinum jewelry.

  1. Don’t expose your jewelry to chlorine in pools

Warm weather often brings an insurmountable need to go to the pool. However, do yourself and your jewelry a favor by removing your pieces before diving in. Chlorine is horrible for all jewelry types. Similar to how salt corrodes copper, chlorine is corrosive to most metals. The chemical is so damaging that prolonged exposure can discolor or dull the shine of jewelry. It can also cause your pieces to crack or chip.

  1. Remove your rings before swimming or bathing in cold water

Your fingers may shrink when you submerge yourself in cold water. To avoid losing them to the depths of the ocean or the merciless pool filter, remember to take off your rings before taking a dip.


Best Ways to Clean Jewelry When You Live Somewhere Hot

In truth, fine jewelry is more prone to damage in Arizona because of the different liquids they’re constantly exposed to. Sweat, sunscreens, lotions, and trips to the local pool and beach are all part of living or vacationing in this state, especially during the summertime.

Arizonans, you can keep your jewelry looking lustrous and damage-free with these cleaning tips.

  1. Wipe your jewelry with a soft polishing cloth at the end of each day

Excessive exposure to sweat can dull jewelry. Sterling silver, for example, can turn black if made vulnerable to your body’s sweat and natural oils. Therefore, always ensure to clean your jewelry after wearing them all day. Use a polishing cloth, not a bath towel, to rid your jewelry of oils and sweat. It’s inadvisable to use regular towels because the loops in the fabric can accidentally latch onto and tug on the details of your jewelry, loosening chains and gemstone settings or warping carvings.

  1. Use a combined mixture of soap and water to deep clean your jewelry

Fine jewelry is delicate, so before you slather on sunscreen or moisturize dry skin, do so without your jewelry. Give your skin some time to absorb the creams completely before putting on your high-quality pieces. The chemicals in most commercial lotions and creams can damage or dull your jewelry over time. So, if you leave your jewelry on while putting on skincare products, then you should deep clean your pieces every now and then. Use this guide we’ve put together for tips and tricks on how to clean your jewelry safely at home.

  1. Have a professional clean your jewelry every six months

Even if you deep clean your jewelry on your own, it’s still a good idea to take your pieces in for a professional cleaning. Licensed jewelers have state-of-the-art jewelry cleaning equipment that can eliminate all traces of dirt, salt, oil, and other harmful particles from your jewelry. In addition to that, a jeweler will make sure your pieces are in tip-top condition (e.g., no loose gems) before returning them to your care.


Damage-Proof Ways to Store Jewelry During the Summer

It’s important to store your pieces properly so that they don’t sustain damage when not in use.

  1. Keep your jewelry locked away in a cool, dark place

After a long day in the sun, it’s crucial to let your jewelry reprieve from the heat and bright lights of the outdoors. Too much exposure to sunlight can fade some colored gems, and, if it gets too hot, precious metals can bend or warp. Store your pieces in a cool, dark place after each use to prevent unwanted damage.

  1. Use anti-tarnish strips for sterling silver

If you have no control over the humidity of the room in which you keep your jewelry, always store your silver jewelry with anti-tarnish strips. Even silica packets that come with new bags or shoes are great for storing with silver jewelry. The main purpose is to wick moisture away from the environment, preventing silver from tarnishing or rusting. Anti-tarnish strips and silica packets are especially useful if your jewelry was exposed to water (either from showering or after deep cleaning your pieces), since any residual moisture will dry off without damaging your jewelry.

  1. Store jewelry separately

Like how sand can scratch your jewelry, gemstones and metals can do serious damage to other pieces. To preserve the beauty of your jewelry collection, remember to store them individually in a jewelry case lined with fabric.

Whether you were born and raised in Arizona or perhaps enjoying a luxury vacation in our sunny paradise, following these tips will help you wear your favorite jewelry without damaging them.


What to Do With Slightly Damaged Jewelry

If your piece of fine jewelry got scratched in the process of making beautiful summer memories, you can always have it repaired. However, if you no longer wish to have it in your collection and would rather replace it with something new, we would be more than happy to offer a good price for your jewelry. Get an appraisal today.