Never too much of a good thing: Luxuries that impress even the Super Rich

Sometimes, it feels as though nothing could possibly impress the world’s one-percenters anymore—after all, what kind of a luxury do you present to someone who can already afford everything?

Believe or not, there are still quite a few things in this world that would impress even a man who has it all. It seems there may still be some things grand enough that can impress just about anyone, even the people who think that they may have seen (or owned) it all.

The Diamond Massage

As the Hollywood adage says, “Diamonds are forever.” Diamonds have been seen as an icon of luxurious living for a long time now, and even today remain the most coveted of all jewels. Most people consider a single diamond ring as a splurge, something to be confined to a single engagement ring or the rare necklace. The wealthy tend to flaunt their diamonds in the forms of Cartier bracelets or blue Tiffany bags on their Instagram accounts or have them glitter from their Rolexes.

But can even the wealthy claim that they have had a massage where they are covered entirely in these precious stones? At the Spa at Trump, this exorbitant massage is offered. The service can be found in equally lavish Trump places in Las Vegas and Chicago.

While altogether not particularly impressive in its massage mechanics—it appears to be mostly traditional with a simple 90-minute full-body massage—it’s the add-ons that make it dazzling. They use exclusive essential oils from all around the world such as lavender and bergamot at 100% purity, and these oils are loaded with precious stones.

Clients have the option of using oils loaded with diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, or rubies, and experience a massage that has them literally covered with lavish oils and gems. Each stone has a unique quality: Sapphire for calm, diamonds for balance, rubies for revitalization.

New age? Perhaps. Lavish? Extremely so.

Your very own planet

When you can own virtually anything in the world, the only purchase that might actually excite you is owning something that isn’t even in the world, or even the solar system. For the super rich geeks in the world, the next great coveted pieces of real estate aren’t the New York brownstones or the Bel-Air mansions: it’s completely out of this world.
The Entropia Universe is an MMORPG game whose in-game currency can be translated into real world dollars. And in this vast sprawling virtual universe, one can claim to be the overlord of their own planet for a cool 1 million dollars in actual currency.

It may sound a little insane to shell out that much real world cash for something that doesn’t technically exist, but Entropia’s economy is such that investing a million dollars into a virtual planet may actually benefit you. Being a massively-multiplayer online game, it has an astounding amount of players. Each one of these players contribute to the online economy through buying and selling in-game properties, services, and items, often using real world cash for in-game cash.

The idea of buying an entire planet in Entropia means that all commerce happening within that planet is something that will also benefit you. You will earn in-game cash that will enable you to translate it into real world cash. So the planet is actually a real investment, and numerous players have already been able to recoup their investments back and are now reaping in the profits. It’s certainly an interesting take in getting into the real estate game.

Man’s most expensive friend

A dog is often seen as a pet or a lifelong companion, or even a partner for those with disabilities who need the aid of working dogs. But for the wealthiest people in the world, a dog may in fact be, like anything else, a status symbol. And that’s where the massive Tibetan Mastiff comes in.

China’s economy boom has its super wealthy population enjoying quite a bit of lavish living, and as with any collection of wealthy people, there is the need to proclaim that they are in fact at the top of the heap. According to the Chinese, the stereotypical rich Chinese person tends to have the massive house, the expensive car, and the large, equally expensive dog. The Tibetan Mastiff, which is a massive dog that, in olden times, defended entire villages and compounds from thieves, is one such “social status” dog.

A mastiff with excellent breeding papers could go up to the hundreds of thousands of dollars in China, and one had even auctioned off for an imposing 1.5 million-dollar price tag. And this is just to buy the dog; such a large dog requires a great deal of work. From feeding to walking to grooming—it has a thick layer of heavy fur that will require constant grooming to keep it from matting—the upkeep of such a massive dog is something that only the ultra wealthy can truly afford. Mastiff clubs have even formed, treating locals to the sight of a veritable herd of Tibetan Mastiffs being walked down the street during the mornings.

The flying car

The future is now and as with all new technological innovations, new technology often comes with a price tag that only the richest of constituents could truly even consider. Mankind has, for a long time, fantasized over the idea of a flying car—a vast majority of our science fiction novels, movies, even cartoons have featured it—and it seems that it has finally arrived…for the right price.

The Moller Skycar M400’s prototype costs a mind-boggling $3.5 million dollars, a price tag that some Lamorghinis and McLarens can’t even claim. While this car remains under development, it has so far proved that it can take off vertically and land the same way. It can reach a top speed of 350 mph and can carry up to four passengers.

Not shabby for a car that promises to end all traffic jam problems and have you feel like living like you’re truly in the future. As long as you’re willing to pay that much for this technology anyway.

Interested in any of them? Well, if you have the cash to burn, then at least you know what lavish item you can purchase.