Pawn Shop vs. eBay: Where to Sell Your Stuff in Phoenix AZ

Going on eBay is usually the first thought of people who have high-value items to sell. However, even though eBay allows you to sell jewelry, watches, designer handbags, and other goods, it is not the best platform, especially for selling high-end pieces. In fact, the safest and most reliable way to sell valuable items is through reputable pawn shops in Phoenix, AZ.

In this article, we will explain to you why selling items to Biltmore Loan and Jewelry is far better than selling items on eBay. Biltmore Loan is a leading provider of upscale collateral lending and outright selling services in Scottsdale and Chandler, AZ. With decades of combined experience in dealing with luxury pieces, we take pawning and selling to the next level.

Reasons to Choose Pawn Shops Over eBay

There are several reasons why selling to pawn shops is better than eBay. Here is a compilation of the top five reasons:

  1. No Shipping

When you sell your items directly to Biltmore Loan and Jewelry, you don’t have to get the buyer’s mailing address, go to the post office, endure the long lines, pay for the package, buy stamps, and deal with the buyer’s complaints about delivery delays. All you must do is bring the item you wish to sell to our office in Scottsdale or Chandler. Our appraisal specialist will pay you on the spot after evaluating and authenticating your item.

The fact that you never have to worry about shipping makes pawn shops significantly faster and more convenient than eBay. The latter also translates to less stress for you, which is never a bad thing!

  1. Immediate Cash

An eBay auction can take several days or weeks to complete, which means there’s some waiting involved before you get your money. This situation is undesirable, especially if you need the cash for something urgent. If you sell to a pawn shop instead of going on eBay, you can have cash in your hands within a matter of hours. You don’t have to wait several days or weeks for an auction to close. Again, simply go to a local pawn shop near you, and you will have the money you need on that same day.

  1. Pawn Instead of Sell

Say you have a beautiful pair of diamond earrings that you inherited from your grandmother, and you are considering selling because you need money fast. On eBay, the only option is to sell your diamond earrings. Here at Biltmore Loan, you can pawn instead of sell. Pawning involves getting a monetary loan based on the value of your item (collateral). In exchange, the pawnshop will hold on to your collateral until you pay back what you owe.

Read How to Pawn in Phoenix, AZ and Should You Pawn or Sell? to learn more about collateral loans.

  1. No Scams

Although eBay is a large and well-known platform, scams continue to be extremely common on the website. Most people presume that only buyers can get scammed. However, there are many ways for sellers on eBay to get scammed as well. For instance, scammers and con artists may offer to pay more for an item, but only if the seller agrees to let them pay through other methods or off of eBay. The scammer may then send a fake check, which urges many sellers to ship their items to the scammer. Days later, the check bounces.

Another way that people scam sellers on eBay is by claiming they received an empty box. In this scam, the swindler files a dispute through eBay’s system, claiming that the seller did not send the item. In such circumstances, eBay typically demands that the seller refunds the buyer. Then, the scammer keeps both the refunded money and the item. This is a complete nightmare to deal with.

The examples above are only two of the many tactics used against sellers on eBay. By selling items to Biltmore Loan, you eliminate the risk of crossing paths with a scammer. You will be doing business with certified professionals in high-value appraisals, not a bunch of strangers on the internet with anonymous usernames.

  1. No Insertion Fees

Unlike eBay, Biltmore Loan will not charge you for selling high-value pieces. eBay charges fees of anywhere from 3 percent to 10 percent of the sale price, which varies depending on the item you are selling. You can receive more money for your items if you sell to a pawn shop.

Why should you waste money paying eBay’s fees when there’s an option not to? Furthermore, as mentioned previously, when you choose a pawn shop over eBay, the monetary return is instant and in cash. You don’t have to wait for payments to be processed or for checks to clear.

The Bottom Line

If you have never tried selling items to a pawn shop before, then the process might make you feel uncomfortable at first. However, just because the experience is new and different doesn’t mean it’s the wrong choice. Pawnshops and buyers of luxury assets in Phoenix, AZ don’t require you to deliver your item through the mail, they let you make quick and convenient transactions, they provide the option to pawn rather than sell, they reduce the risk of being scammed to zero, and they don’t charge fees when you sell items. 

The many benefits of pawnshops prove their superiority to eBay. Imagine how devastated you would be if you tried to sell, for example, your engagement ring from a broken marriage, and the person who buys it hustles you by claiming the box was empty when you shipped it. The risks are too high.

A Safe and Secure Way to Sell Your Belongings

Most people who sell items to pawn shops are going through difficult financial circumstances. If you are experiencing the same situation, then encountering scammers on eBay could make an already trying financial situation even more challenging. When you work with Biltmore Loan and Jewelry, you will never have to worry about such risks. Complete our online form here to request a free market appraisal. For additional information, you can also contact our office by dialing 480-991-5626 for Scottsdale and 480-705-5626 for Chandler.