Post-Breakup 101: Where to Donate, Discard, or Sell Your Ex’s Stuff

Did heartbreak leave you with a bunch of random stuff from your ex? From that worn-out tee you sleep in to the timepiece they gave you on your birthday, are you ready to say “good riddance!” to everything that reminds you of them? If yes, single ladies and gents, it’s time to declutter!

Getting rid of the relationship’s physical remnants can be liberating and cleansing. The question is, where and why should you donate, discard, or sell the stuff from your ex? If you’re in Phoenix, Arizona, this guide will walk you through the best places and most ethical ways to declutter post-breakup. You’ll be ready for a fresh start in no time.


Reasons to Declutter Your Ex’s Stuff

Here’s why you should declutter your ex’s stuff, especially if the relationship was toxic or took a toll on your mental health:


Less Reminders of the Past

Seeing your ex’s belongings is a constant reminder of the relationship that was. Out of sight, out of mind. Donate, discard, or sell to remove the painful memories and make space for your new chapter.


Regain a Sense of Control and Freedom

Getting rid of your ex’s clutter restores control over your space and life. While decluttering, you may feel empowered as you confidently decide what stays and what goes. For example, getting rid of your ex’s toothbrush, hairbrush, and toiletries in the bathroom can be very freeing. Imagine removing their clothes from your closet or boxing up their books and nicknacks. Decluttering the items you see and interact with daily can set you on the path to moving on emotionally and mentally.


Opportunity to Reflect

Sorting through the clutter gives you a chance to reflect on the relationship. It’s okay to hold on to mementos that spark joy and positive recollections. However, consider letting go of anything that triggers painful memories. In doing so, you may gain perspective and find closure. But do it at your own pace and in your own way. You’ll feel lighter, gain clarity, and perhaps be ready to welcome new relationships. Out with the old, in with the new!


Where to Donate Your Ex’s Clothes in Phoenix, AZ

Several locations throughout the Phoenix metropolitan area accept clothing, shoes, and accessories in good condition. Here are some options:


Dress for Success Phoenix

This organization provides professional attire and career development for low-income women. Donate professional clothing like blouses, blazers, pencil skirts, and shoes that are fashionable and current. Your donation will help other women in Phoenix gain the confidence to achieve their career goals. Learn more about Dress for Success Phoenix here.


The Salvation Army Thrift Stores

The Salvation Army is a convenient option for donating clothes and other household items. They collect, process, and sell donations to the public, allowing them to offer reasonably priced goods and raise funds for adults, children, and families in need. Check their website for drop-off hours and locations near you.


Buy Nothing Groups

Join a Buy Nothing Project Facebook group if you want to donate clothing directly to someone in your local community. Buy Nothing operates under the principles of a gift economy, where, for example, a person makes a request, and you fulfill it without asking for money in return.

Click here for more places to donate used clothing in Phoenix, AZ.


How to Properly Discard Your Ex’s Photos and Letters

Purging visual reminders of a failed relationship can be cathartic. Go through printed photographs, love letters, or other mementos and decide what to keep and what to toss.



Photos of good times you shared may be hard to part with. Consider keeping a few favorites in a box and storing it out of sight. This allows you to revisit them if you choose to in the future. Shred or delete the rest from your devices. Ask a friend to help for moral support.


Letters and Notes

Read through any handwritten letters or notes from your ex one last time to get closure before you dispose of them for good. Unless they contain hurtful content, consider recycling or shredding them. Keeping them around will only make moving on more difficult.

Letting go of the past is challenging but cleansing. Getting rid of reminders of your relationship in a conscientious way is an important step toward a fresh start. Keep your head high—your life has more chapters to write.


Where to Sell Your Ex’s Gifts, Electronics, and More

Decluttering also means getting rid of the bigger stuff—like that ugly couch you argued about for months or the gaming console you never used together. Rather than dragging these larger items to the dumpster, consider selling them. There are several places in Phoenix where you can make money from your ex’s valuables.


Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist

Take and post photos of the stuff you want to sell on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist. Price items reasonably based on their condition, and you’ll likely find interested buyers. Meet them in a safe, well-lit public area if selling locally. For your safety, please do not give your home address to prospective buyers.


Biltmore Loan and Jewelry

If you received an engagement ring, designer handbag, jewelry, or watch from your ex, it may be time to sell, especially if it’s sitting in a box collecting dust. Not only will you get outright cash for unused valuables, but it will also help you move on and close that chapter of your life.

At Biltmore Loan and Jewelry, we buy pre-owned luxury items, paying top dollar and making the selling process fast and easy. Visit us today in Chandler or Scottsdale, Arizona, or complete this online appraisal form to get started.

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A Word of Advice for Healing Hearts

Breakups are never easy, but decluttering your space can be therapeutic. The process can help you move on, giving you the satisfaction of turning a painful chapter into something helpful for others and yourself. Whether you donate, throw away, or sell your ex’s stuff, focus on the new beginning you’re giving yourself. You’ve got this–one box or bag at a time.