Rise of Dior: Popularity and the Best Dior Bags of All Time

Luxury brand Christian Dior has “entered the realm of mega brands,” becoming luxury’s sixth player to garner sales over €5 billion ($5.1 billion). Dior joins the ranks of Chanel, Gucci, Hermès, Louis Vuitton, and Cartier, according to a 2018 report from Morgan Stanley–a leading global investment bank and financial management corporation.

Dior vs. Chanel: Is the Gap Closing?

Dior is still trailing behind Chanel, which pulls 3 times greater profit. However, Edouard Aubin and Elena Mariani from Morgan Stanley revealed that Dior’s yield will grow closer to Chanel’s in due time. They also predicted Dior’s revenue to increase by 18.7 percent in 2018.

Role of Celebrities in Dior’s Growth and Success

The brand’s explosive popularity is largely due to its consumers in developed Asian countries, including the Republic of China and South Korea. Specifically, Dior’s close relationships with brand ambassadors Angelababy and BLACKPINK’s Jisoo have contributed significantly to Dior’s immense growth. The high-end brand’s net income in South Korea alone was up by 250 percent in 2020.

What Dior Does Best: Marketing Their Desirability

Morgan Stanley explained that Christian Dior and Chanel achieved double-digit growth in recent years because of their ability to build desirability through digital marketing and communications. For example, they both improved the frequency and magnitude of their runway shows, as well as sponsored exhibitions in France, Italy, United States, Qatar, and several other countries. And, as mentioned, Chanel and Dior have invested in influencer marketing strategies, including front-row Fashion Week invitations and seasonal gift-giving practices.

Best-Selling Dior Bags Toda

Durable and fashionable as ever (even after 76 years), Christian Dior bags are timeless. Best known for bringing sophisticated silhouettes to life, Dior’s best-selling bags are stunning works of art that suit consumers of all ages.

Whether you need an evening bag to complement your little black dress or a heavy-duty tote for your vacation to the Bahamas, we have listed the best Dior bags you can buy, as seen on your favorite artists, influencers, and other personalities.

Best Dior Saddle Bag: Black Ultra Matte Saddle Bag

Originally designed in 1999 during the height of John Galliano’s Dior tenure, the Trotter Saddle Bag is one of the brand’s best-selling creations. Its initial appearance drew the line between high fashion and, for lack of a better word, unattractive (yet unique). Galliano intended for women to wear it short-strapped and tight against the arm, much like a saddle. The accessory became an overnight trend. Paris Hilton, Beyoncé, and Sarah Jessica Parker are only some of the countless iconic celebrities seen sporting the, we dare say, now-equally iconic bag.

Dyed in beautiful matte black, Dior’s creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri took an edgy spin on the heritage silhouette. It is the perfect accessory for both formal and casual events, blending in effortlessly with the most glamorous evening gown or your favorite distressed jeans.

Best Dior Handbag: Black Cannage Lady Dior Bag (Medium)

The ever-so-classy and classic Lady Dior handbag is the tried and true accessory for the most sophisticated of high-end consumers. Originally named Chouchou, Dior changed the bag’s name due to its popular association with the late Princess Diana, who received the bag as a gift from Bernadette Chirac, the former First Lady of France.

From royal events to elaborate galas and fancy soirées, the Princess of Wales and her Lady Dior were inseparable. Crafted in the highest quality lambskin with intricate Cannage stitching, the Lady Dior is an all-seasons trend with its commanding presence, overall elegance, and quilted character.

Whether you invest in the standard black colorway or a more loud and vivacious design (such as the Blue Oblique Jacquard), its stylish and functional attributes are enough to convince anyone to make it a daily companion. And, although lambskin is a delicate material, the Lady Dior bag generally retains its structure with proper care. Click here for our guide to preserving the quality of luxury handbags.

Best Dior Crossbody: Bobby Bag

Named after the lovable dog of Christian Dior himself, the Bobby Bag is a refined and structured twist on the silhouette of conventional hobo bags. Its first appearance at the 2020 Dior Fall and Winter collection showcased its revolutionary combination of French sophistication and contemporary necessity–characteristics that have paved the way for a broad selection of neutral, vibrant, and unexpected colorways. Made using the highest quality leathers and jacquard fabric, the “CD” initials on the buckle reflect the brand’s deep heritage. It is also a reverent reminder of founder Christian Dior’s legacy and design touch.

Best Dior Tote: Oblique Embroidered Book Tote

High fashion meets complete functionality with Christian Dior’s embroidered Oblique Book Tote in the house’s signature navy blue. A sought-after product of Maria Grazia Chiuri’s 2018 Spring and Summer collection, the handbag is an ode to the logomania trend from the 1990s merged with Chirui’s pragmatic aesthetic.

From everyday items like your vanity kit and mobile phone to travel essentials such as your laptop and comfy slides, the Oblique Embroidered Book Tote is the ideal go-to accessory. Best of all, in addition to the hand-embroidered monogram (which takes 40+ hours to complete), Dior offers personalization services at selected stores. Rihanna, Bella Hadid, Jessica Alba, Jisoo (and even her dog Dalgomi) are among those photographed with a book tote embellished with their famous names.

The Best Dior Shoulder Bag: Ivory Calfskin Caro Bag (Large)

Why should you settle for a regular shoulder bag when you can treat yourself to the coveted Dior Caro? Featuring a mesmerizing hue of pristine ivory, Dior’s Caro shoulder bag is suitable for both daytime and evening affairs. The carnage print on its surface is symbolic of the distinct grace and elegance found in the Lady Dior Bag. Its “CD” twist clasp gives you effortless access to its interior. Though the shoulder bag comes with a gold-toned chain and leather strap, you can remove and replace these accessories with any one of the brand’s gorgeous embroidered straps, giving you the opportunity to customize your designer bag as you see fit.

Dior Earned Its Rightful Place in the Realm of Mega Brands

It’s easy to see Christian Dior’s passion for luxury and excellence in their vast collection of bags. While the brand still lags behind the holy trinity of designer handbags, Dior continues to be a substantial profit driver for parent company LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton.

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