Simple Tips in Cleaning Your Diamond

Simple Tips in Cleaning Your Diamond

Diamonds are a girls best friend, as the song goes. With it’s elegance, wearing diamonds gives a classy and sophisticated look to anyone who wears it. From rings, bracelets, anklets and necklaces, there’s an endless array of choices one can make when wearing diamonds.

Diamonds are the most versatile jewelry that can be worn with any combination of any wardrobe ensemble. From a daytime suit to a formal evening get up, any basic clothing can benefit from the uplifting sparkle diamonds can give.

“Diamonds are the hardest substance on Earth” is the most used statement jewelers give to advertise and impress the buyers on the diamonds value. It comes in various kinds of specs and designs dependent on the style and cut. It may be one of the hardest natural mineral substance but it also has its frail features that makes it really worth keeping and taken care of.

If you have a diamond lying around in your drawer and are too scared to give it a thorough clean, we have a simple solution for your diamond cleaning needs.

  1. Toothpicks can be used to carefully dislodge dirt in between the surfaces of the diamond/s. But be very very careful with this.
  2. Using a solution of warm water and liquid soap or mild detergent. Through soaking process, it can clear off the dirt. Use a simple brush to delicately remove other built up dirt specially from the corner surfaces and those places which are difficult to clean.
  3. Do not use harmful solutions. You can make use of Jewelry Cleaning Solutions available in department/jewelry stores. Using Chlorine or abrasives may loosen prongs, erode the metal holding or protecting the gem or even destroy the metal completely.
  4. Rinse thoroughly under warm water. Remember to allow the jewelry to air dry or dry it with soft cloth.
  5. Be aware that this type of precious items are very fragile, scrubbing them harshly is a big no-no. Extra care is recommended when brushing the back area of the diamond as this area has the most collected dirt and oils from the skin.
  6. Don’t wear it when you’re in for a rough day at work or going to the gym. It may be chipped with hard force.
  7. If you’re going to do tasks involving your hands, this may increase its oil production, so it’s recommended to leave your diamond ring or bracelet at home for oil from skin can alter how the diamond looks.

Additional Advice:

  • Seek out the help of professionals/jewelers to clean your precious diamonds if you are in doubt. These cleaners will help you clean your diamonds and at the same time it will be in safe hands during the process.
  • Avoid using bleach as cleaners for it damages and discolors the mounting of the jewelry.
  • Giving a professional “shine up” is a must to prolong the gleaming condition of your jewel.
    Sort out the pieces you have by wrapping them in clean and soft cloth. Always check your jewel cases or boxes to check for damages and other individual cases might occur. It is also advisable to have compartments or dividers in your jewel case to avoid scratches.

Regular cleaning will keep your precious diamond jewelries in its glamorous and classy condition, always ready to sparkle whenever you wear them on special occasions.