Tips for Spring Cleaning your House

Looking for tips for spring cleaning your house? Not only are we going to offer you some great tips for cleaning your entire home this spring, we are giving you ideas on how to do everything much faster. After all, every home can benefit from a few time-saving cleaning methods that give you the rest of the day free.

No More Dust!

Thoroughly dust your home. Take everything off dressers, tabletops, and shelves for a bit of dusting. All the corners and nooks you neglected this year need attention right now. This includes doorways, baseboards, cabinets and even sconces.

Revive Drab Drapes

Revive drapes in time for spring by taking each one off the hook and running them in the dryer using a cycle for air-fluffing. Put in a towel which is damp to catch all the dust for twenty minutes. Immediately re-hang your drapes. Use a damp cloth to wipe down the window shades behind them.

Window Washing

Spring is here, and it’s time to get those windows clear. Wash windows both inside and out. Use a damp cloth for wiping down every one of the sills. To clean the screen of the window, use kerosene for rubbing these on either side. Rinse with soap and water. Do this is an area with great ventilation. If you can do it outdoors, the better.

Include Those Coils

Now that spring has sprung, it is time to clean the condenser coil of your refrigerator. Usually, this is located just in the back of the towgrille. Use the attachment hose on the vacuum cleaner and a long handled bottle brush to get rid of line and dust. Your unit can overheat or shut down if the built-up dust remains. Vacuum the coils thoroughly. Nudge your fridge forward a little bit if you must. Vacuum or sweep the floor after you finish the coils. You will love clearing out the twist ties, bottle caps, coins and debris your dog hid the past year.

Chandeliers and Lights

Give you life to your light with a polish cloth, a sponge, all-purpose cleaner and a step ladder. If your home has tall ceilings or skylights, invest in a step ladder. Get some tools that are specifically for dirt removal and extended reach. Check your local home supply and hardware store.

Clean Fixtures on the Ceiling

Remove dirt and dust from air conditioning vents and ceiling fans with a vacuum and a cloth. For the vacuum cleaner, use an attachment that has a soft nozzle.

Intelligent Vacuuming

In the old times, housekeeping rules dictated that you lift up every piece of furniture you could possibly lift off and vacuum beneath each one. Instead of doing this, move larger furniture pieces to the right or the left a bit and vacuum the areas occupied previously by the furniture. Then, move them back to their proper placement.

Keep Those Walls Pristine

At first glance, you probably won’t think your walls need cleaning. After all, soot and dust go straight to the floor, right? A lot of this does but just enough does cling to your wall surfaces to warrant a pre-holiday or seasonal bash. Use hand dishwashing detergent or a sponge and wash every wall per section. Reach higher spots with a mop sponge. Use a couple of buckets or water, one for wringing your sponge and another for the dishwashing detergent. Use a clean cloth to dry woodwork and walls.

Kitchen Floors

Prepare your kitchen floors for another years’ worth of trampling on by applying a sealer or wax. All you need to do is to follow the directions on the label. For a quick method, use a wash and wax combination cleaner for floors. Non-wax floors won’t need treatment for polishing. On the other hand, give these types of floors a protective buffer and an occasional makeover to help them last longer. Use floor cleaners that shine, clean or do both. Move your rugs and furniture aside if you have wooden floors. Apply a paste or liquid polish or a wood cleaner to add and clean a new coating of wax.


Upholstery and Carpet Cleaning

Fabric that has absorbed the entire winter’s worth of germs, body oil and dirt will need to get cleaned deeply to accommodate another year’s wear and tear. Plus, your guests will no doubt inspect your upholstery closely as they relax in the living room. Rent a carpet cleaner and practice in an out-of-the-way area when you are cleaning upholstery or shampooing carpets. Make sure you know how to work the machine so that you won’t cause fabric dye to run or discolor fabrics. Slightly move furniture, not against the wall or from one room to another. After you shampoo your carpet, use small squares of wax paper under every furniture leg. As it dries, your carpet will dry without dampening the furniture legs. Speed up the process of drying your carpet by opening the windows. This can take more than one day. If you are not the type to rent the machine or shift around your furniture, go ahead and hire someone professional.

Welcome Rugs

Swat them with a broom, wash them or shake them, get your welcome rug squeaky clean in time for spring. Give your front door rug a tough cleaning since when it comes to the battle against dirt that gets tracked in, your rug is your first line of defense. The reason you want them to be super clean is so that they will be able to function at the highest possible efficiency.

Gone are the days of old when you needed to beat a rug or turn your furniture upside down just for a bit of vacuuming. Use these tips, and you will find that your home will be ultra-sparkling in less time than you can say the words ‘spring cleaning!’