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Biltmore, with many years of experience as gold jewelry buyers, ensures that you will be paid the most for your gold jewelry. In addition to our experience, we have a lot of expertise in the various aspects of gold buying. We like to provide our customers with valuable information and to educate people using the knowledge we have gained through decades of experience as gold jewelry buyers. Below you will see some information about the different karat types and colors of gold.

Gold Jewelry BuyersOut of all the various metal types used for jewelry today, gold is the most popular choice for dress rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, pendants, wedding and engagement rings. The karat of gold can be denoted by the abbreviation kt or K, and can also be spelled carat with the abbreviation ct. There are two different categories of criteria when it comes to gold jewelry: the color of the gold and the karat of the gold.

What kind of karats to gold jewelry buyers purchase?

Biltmore will purchase all gold jewelry, regardless of the karat. The karat of the gold is the amount of gold that is present in the metal. The karat essentially measures the ratio of pure gold to the other types of metal alloys that are mixed in to make the final metal combination.

The higher the pure gold content in a piece of jewelry, the more expensive and valuable that piece of jewelry will be. The karat of the gold is not the same as the word carat used in relation to diamonds, which measures the weight of the stones in a piece of jewelry or a loose diamond.

The karats most commonly used in gold jewelry are 10kt, 14kt and 18kt.

10kt gold contains 41.3% pure gold

14kt gold contains 58.5% pure gold

18kt gold contains 75.0% pure gold

22kt gold contains 91.6% pure gold

24kt gold contains 100.0% pure gold

On most pieces of jewelry, the purity (10kt, 14kt, etc.) will be stamped on the jewelry to denote the type of gold it is made out of.

What colors of gold do gold jewelry buyers purchase?

Biltmore is a buyer of all colors and styles of gold. Gold is available in numerous colors with the most popular color being yellow gold, which is then followed by white gold then rose gold.

Gold is also available in bronze, red and lime gold.

Yellow gold is made by mixing pure gold with certain allows such as copper and zinc. White gold is mixed with silver and palladium to get that lighter gold color. Usually when white gold jewelry is new, it is coated with rhodium, which is a metal similar to platinum in color and other properties. Rhodium plating is very popular as it makes white gold look whiter and is a process common with the re-finishing and re-polishing of white gold jewelry by a jewelry repairman.

Rose gold is made by using copper as a large portion of the alloy mixed with the gold to give it the reddish color. Also, because the gold is mixed in with the other metals, any chipping, wear, or fading that occurs with the jewelry will not affect the color of it.

A piece of jewelry may be made up of a single color of gold, or maybe be made up of multiple colors. Depending on the number of gold colors the piece, it may be called two-tone, three-tone, or multi-colored gold.

Regardless of the color of gold, the karat content remains the same. A 10kt white gold ring has the same amount of pure gold content (41.3%) as a 10kt yellow gold ring (41.3%)

At Biltmore, we know that in order to retain customers and build a reputation through word of mouth, we have to pay the most as gold jewelry buyers.

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