Arizona Car Title Loan Information

Biltmore can provide a Scottsdale title loan in Arizona using the title of your vehicle. When getting auto title loans in Arizona, there will be minimal disruption to your daily life as you will be able to continue to drive your car as normal. An Arizona title loan is virtually identical to conventional auto financing done at the time of the vehicle purchase.

What are AZ title loans?

arizona auto title loansAn Arizona title loan is a type of collateral loan where your vehicle title is used as collateral for a loan. Our company will provide you with a cash loan and will lien the title. Upon full payment of the loan principal (amount lent) and all current interest, we will release our lien on the title.

What are the interest rates for Arizona title loans? 

The interest rates for AZ title loans are determined by the Arizona Revised Statutes. In most cases, we will actually charge you LESS than the state rate. We are not like most companies that can do title loans in AZ in the sense that we believe in fostering personal relationships with our clients. We will be happy to negotiate interest rates to the satisfaction of both you and our company.

  • You can continue to drive your car as normal
  • In most cases, we charge less interest than the state rate.
  • Reduce your principal at any time to reduce your monthly payments.
  • There is no prepayment penalty of any kind on a title loan.

I currently have an Arizona title loan with another company. Can your company refinance my auto title loan and reduce my payments? 

You do not need to own your vehicle outright, or have no financing or payments due on the vehicle, in order to get a Scottsdale title loan. If your vehicle currently has a loan on the title with any of our competitors (title loan companies, auto finance companies, etc), we will be happy to refinance the loan at a lower rate of interest.

Please obtain a payoff quote from your current title loan or auto financing company and we will refinance your loan to save you money every month. In fact, we guarantee that if you qualify, your monthly payments will be reduced with a title loans in AZ with Biltmore.

What brands of cars and motorcycles will your company accept for a title loan in AZ? 

Biltmore can provide a cash title loan in Arizona on ALL car and motorcycle brands, including:


* Acura * Lamborghini
* Aston Martin * Lexus
* Audi * Lincoln
* BMW * Lotus
* Bentley * Maserati
* Buick * Mazda
* Cadillac * Mercedes-Benz
* Chevrolet * MINI
* Chrysler * Mitsubishi
* Dodge * Nissan
* Ford * Porsche
* Ferrari * Saleen
* GMC * Scion
* Honda * Suburu
* Hundai * Suzuki
* Infiniti * Toyota
* Jaguar * Volkswagon
* Jeep * Volvo
* Kia * And More!



* Big Dog * Moto Guzzi
* BMW * O.C. Choppers
* Boss Hoss * Saxon
* Buell * Suzuki
* Ducati * Titan
* Harley-Davidson * Triumph
* Honda * Victory
* Indian * Yamaha
* Kawasaki * And More!

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