Precious Metals in Order of Value

Precious Metals in Order of Value
Metals are determined to have value depending on their abundance. Precious metals are of course worth more the less ‘available’ they are. When it comes to how valuable they are, different elements of chemistry determine this. The precious metals include iridium, rhenium, ruthenium, rhodium, palladium, osmium, platinum, silver and gold.

Of the nine precious metals, platinum is considered the most abundance with an abundance estimated to be .003 parts per billion (ppb). The rest of the metals have a ranking from highest to lowest in terms of abundance. Rhenium, ruthenium, rhodium, iridium, osmium, gold, palladium and silver are the order this comes in.

Here is a list of precious metals in order of value:


The most valuable of all precious metals is rhodium. This silvery-colored metal is extremely rare and is used commonly for properties of being able to reflect. It has a very high ability of being able to tolerate corrosive objects without getting affected and has a melting point that is quite high. The largest producers are Canada, Russia and South Africa.


Platinum is next in line among the precious metals and is known for being non-corrosive and dense. It has become popular for being very malleable. This metal is not unlike palladium in the way it withstands hydrogen in vast amounts.


When it comes to investment options, gold remains to be the most popular among metals. It is malleable, durable and desirable. It is separated by panning and mining from minerals and rocks that surround it. The largest producers are China, Australia, the United States and South Africa.


Ruthenium is added as an alloy to palladium and platinum to increase resistance and hardness. In the field of electronics, it is quite popular and is used for plating electric contacts effectively.


In the group of platinum, Iridium is the extreme member. There is a very high melting point for this white-like metal and is considered very dense. Iridium is a by-product of mining nickel and is processed from the ore of platinum.


This metal is silvery-blue in color and is one of the earth’s densest elements. This brittle, hardest metal has a melting point that is very high. Osmium is produced mostly in South America, North America and parts of Russia. It is used for hardening allows of platinum for filaments and electrical contacts.


Palladium is a precious, whitish-gray metal that is considered valuable because of its stability, malleability and rarity under conditions that are extremely hot. At room temperature, it is able to absorb vast amounts of hydrogen. Car makers depend on it to reduce emissions due to its ability to be catalytic converters.


The third highest melting point, Rhenium is one of the densest metals. It is molybdenum’s by products which is a copper mining by-product, essentially.


Silver has the best thermal and electrical conductivity as well as the lowest resistance for contact among the other precious metals. Chile, Mexico, China and Peru are the biggest producers of silver.


Along with copper, iron and lead ores, Indium is produced from processing zinc-ore and is considered a rare metal. In its most pure form, it is white in color and is extremely malleable and shiny.

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