13 Popular Types of Necklaces: Lariat, Bib, and More

Shopping for a necklace, especially if you’re buying it for someone else, is more complex than you might think. There are several factors to consider: Which necklace is most versatile? What is the best necklace style for a formal event? How about for a casual gathering?

The connoisseurs here at Biltmore Loan and Jewelry have compiled the most popular necklace styles to help you make an informed purchase.

Pendant Necklaces

Italian 14k Gold & Diamond Multi Chain Heart Pendant Necklace

Arguably the most popular type of necklace in the last decade, these delicate necklaces earned worldwide desirability through their versatility. The pendant part of this design dangles from the chain, which varies in length. Popular pendant necklace styles include a simple horizontal bar or vertical bar, diamonds and gemstones, astrological signs, initials, names, religious symbols, and engraved pieces.

When it comes to designer jewelry brands, the cult-favorite Return to Tiffany™ heart tag pendant and the O’Kelly pendant from Hermès’ jewelry collection are some of the most coveted pieces.

Pearl Strand Necklaces

Almost all First Ladies and female members of royal families have been photographed wearing a strand of pearls around their necks. Elegant, sophisticated, and regal, a classic pearl necklace is the perfect accessory for formal events. In recent years, this classic piece of jewelry has also grown in popularity to pair with casual-chic apparel. However, a downside is that pearls aren’t as durable as diamonds. Proper care is crucial to maintaining its glistening beauty.

Chain Necklaces

Chain necklaces are on trend for a number of good reasons. From casual to formal and vice versa, accessorizing with a chain necklace (or layering them) can switch up and elevate your look. Chain necklaces come in many different lengths and metals, complementing all necklines.

If you want an effortlessly chic look, take a page from Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and Hailey Baldwin Bieber’s book of fashion trends and style your chain necklaces with athleisure wear.

Collar Necklaces

Modern collar necklaces — not the same as chokers — are, as the name implies, designed to sit on the collarbone. Because these pieces aim to showcase the delicacy of your neckline through stark contrast, consider styling a collar necklace with a tube top or off-the-shoulder blouse.

Paperclip Necklaces

One of the most popular necklace types in recent years, paperclip necklaces are representative of their name, featuring paperclip-like chain links. Available in delicate, small versions and large, chunky styles, these necklaces are incredibly versatile, pairing well with jeans and a basic tee or even a pantsuit for the office.

Locket Necklaces

Popularized during the Victorian era (1837–1901), lockets are sentimental pieces that families often pass down to the younger generation. The locket (pendant), originally designed to contain the hair of a loved one, holds a photo or meaningful keepsake in more modern times.

Though locket necklaces aren’t something you’ll see on a Hollywood red carpet, they continue to be popular, mainly among couples in love, to people who have lost someone special, or to those who appreciate the unique look of lockets.

Lariat Necklaces

The lariat necklace, also called the “Y necklace” because of the shape it forms, is an all-around versatile piece of jewelry. Unlike most necklaces, this style often doesn’t include a clasp closure. Instead, the wearer needs to loop one of the necklace’s ends through a circular pendant to keep the chain in place.

You can style a lariat necklace in different ways since you can adjust its length to complement your outfit. For example, if you’re wearing a dress with a plunging neckline, you can adjust your lariat necklace to hang closer down your chest.

Tennis Necklaces

Elegant, timeless, and a symbol of wealth, tennis necklaces are one of the most beloved styles of neckwear. These necklaces feature set diamonds combined with intricate links or prongs to produce a cohesive and polished piece of stunning jewelry. Only the richest of the rich are able to wear such a glorious piece around their neck, and every woman who believes that diamonds are a girl’s best friend dreams of having a tennis necklace in their collection.

Station Necklaces

A station necklace is any delicate chain with gemstones or other adornments meticulously and evenly spaced throughout. A diamond station necklace, also called “diamonds by the yard,” has bezel set diamonds, usually small, as stations along a chain. 

For a minimalistic yet chic look, layer your station necklace over a dark-colored turtleneck. But really, there is no wrong way to style such an adaptable piece of glittering beauty.

Multi-Strand Necklaces

Giving the illusion of multiple layered necklaces, a multi-strand necklace consists of two or more chains that a single clasp or closure connects. Though available in plain or bare delicate chains in silver, gold, and other precious metals, most multi-strand necklaces are popular for combining different beads, gemstones, pearls, and other embellishments.

Bib Necklaces

Composed of crystals, beads, gemstones, gold, or sterling silver, bib necklaces were designed to make a statement. These necklaces have a wide, collar-like section with an elaborate design tapering down across the chest. Most women wear bib necklaces with a simple dress or blouse, allowing the statement piece to be the focal point of the look.

Charm Necklaces

Although charm bracelets are more popular in general, charm necklaces are slowly catching up. These necklaces are the perfect jewelry to represent important milestones or memories close to the heart.

Festoon Necklaces

A “draping element” is what distinguishes a festoon necklace. Women from the Art Nouveau and Victorian eras adored this vintage style, which features delicate chains accented with precious stones, pearls, and metals.

These necklaces look best with off-the-shoulder formal attire. Clothes with high necklines could distort or damage the drops. 

There you have it, the most popular and common types of necklaces in one guide.

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